Is It Possible to Make $1000 This Week?


Hell, … Yeah!

Yes, making money online … and earning $1000 per week is 100% possible!

If you are confused or doubtful, just throw all these myths and doubts out of window!

Making money online is legal, legitimate and genuine … and thousands of persons are already earning online.

One of the frequently asked questions I faced is, “Whether I would be successful in making money online or not?” My reply is frank and simple, it depends on you. Your success or failure is in your hands. I love this saying, “Your destiny is in your own hands.”

People showed awkward responses to my answer! Let me clarify.

If you are daring enough that you are willing to take risks and ready to embrace a lot of failures and disappointments, then I am telling you that YOU ARE THE ONE!

Otherwise, if you want a safe and secure lifestyle, then frankly speaking you should go for a college degree and live 9 to 5 life … Forever!


So if you are The One, then I'm here to help you in the realization of your dreams. I'll try my best to sincerely help and guide you through the ups and downs of this adventurous journey of making money online.


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2 Warnings About Making Money Online

Warning 1: You'll be lost due to information overload!

We all believe Google is there to help us find the information we are searching … but even the first 10 results of Google  Search Result supply so much information about a topic that … at least I … literally felt lost all the times.

Each site has hundreds of articles and then there are Related Posts … and I always end up something else … losing the track of why I was being there.

So it's the abundance of knowledge, not the dearth, that now causes confusions and problems to all of us.


I faced this problem all the time. Google displayed millions of results and presented so many blogs, so many ebooks, a huge number of pdf … that it seemed that I would require another life to get success.

Those were the days when I thought of building a simple, easy to follow and to-the-point website on which only essential information will be shared … so the beginners will not be confused and distracted. I skipped many details and information just to keep all this stuff very simple.

This website is the final product of that dream.

I build this website to help people having a desire of making money online and give them only to-the-point and targeted information in a simple and step-by-step fashion so they may not feel lost in the information flood — as I felt in the past.


Warning 2: Beware of So-Called ‘Gurus'

When it comes to internet marketing, everyone poses himself as ‘The Guru' here. These so-called ‘Gurus' show us big dreams of internet lifestyle … like luxury houses, sports car, vacations on beach spots.

They let us believe that even a newbie and a non-tech person can earn such an income online that he would easily afford a lavish lifestyle. so called Gurus

However … the REALITY, they never told you and me, is opposite to that and quite bitter!

Thousands of people had spent their life savings to buy these ‘Gurus' programs which helped nobody but these ‘Gurus' making more money.

They hid behind the unseen curtains of the internet and you can't chase them and sue them.

Soon they launched another program with another pen name … with some more dreams to sell!


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How to Earn Money Online? What is The Exact Process …


Step 1: Choose An Interest/Passion

What are your interests and passions? This is from where you get started your online business. It seems quite an easy question but believes me, it's not.

You need to do some soul searching; go to some lonely place and think hard; ask your parents or friends to what things they feel you are expert at. Find the tasks where you get so much involved that you lose track of time.

There is a vast field of Interests … the whole world is in front of you. Look at some of them here:Interests

In the words of internet marketing, these interests are called niches. You have to search for your niche where you outperform others. Here in the online world, there is a famous saying that ‘Riches are in the niches'.

What to do? Take action and identify your areas of interests.


Step 2: Buy Domain and Build Your Website

Next step is to buy a domain name (for example and build a website.

It seems techy stuff … but thanks to technology and latest softwares, this now becomes a child's play. To buy a domain name, visit Name Cheap as they offer best deals throughout the internet. Once you visited their site, the process of purchasing a domain is very simple and self-explanatory.

After buying a domain, go to Hostgator or Blue Host for hosting of your website. Some people get confused and asked the difference between domain and hosting. In simple words, the domain name is like the name of your business and hosting is like your site of business on the internet.

To get more details about how to host your site with Hostgator or Blue Host, please read this post:


Step 3: Write Quality Posts

This is a very important step. It's time to show knowledge about your passion. While writing a post, you must follow these 3 steps:

1. Search for a problem in your niche that most of the people are complaining about.
2. Research and create a solution to that problem.
3. Offer the answer to the people with the problem.

Sounds simple and logical, right? It is. That’s the basic formula for all business done on the planet. So let’s discuss every step a bit.

First, Search for a most common problem in your niche.

Look, everybody’s got some problems. All you have to do is to find a problem in your niche (area of interest) and search details of that problem on the internet. But remember, you’re not trying to find simply ANY kind of problem. You would seek out a problem that people are willing to pay cash to resolve.

The best kind of problems to resolve are the issues whose answer can either save the buyer some cash, or make the customer some money, or provide the customer a lot of happiness.

Where can you discover problems people are having? One great spot is at forums and discussion boards for the market you’re wanting to get into. (Just go to Google Search and type ‘Keyword + Forums.) Whether it’s weight loss, home improvement, travel, net promoting or no matter, there are plenty of discussion boards and forums where people habitually search for solutions to their issues.

If you hang around in those places, too, you’ll become at home with the styles of problems people in your market face. If one among those issues falls into a minimum of one of the 3 classes we’ve been discussing, you’ve got a problem value resolution.

Next, Research and create an answer to that problem.

Now start your research to create a solution to the problem.

Go to Google and type the problem you are focusing. When Google shows results, open first 5 websites and take notes what solution these sites offer to resolve that problem. Repeat the same process with Youtube. Beware not to copy and paste exact same words from these sites or blog. Instead, understand the solution and narrate them again in your own words.

After this research, do a little bit of formatting; add interesting headings, check font and font size etc and Lo and Behold, your ebook of solutions is ready to publish.

Finally, publish this report on your blog and on your social media pages.


Step 4: Start Making Money Online

One important part of this plan is to go to ClickBank, look for your niche on the left sidebar and search for a product that is related to the problem you are working on. Now quickly check some stats of that product (e.g. gravity, commission percentage, recurring or not etc) and go through the sales page to confirm that it will really help your customers.

Get the affiliate link and paste this link in your post and recommend this product. If people like your hard work and impress by your solutions, they'll more likely to purchase the product you recommend — and there you are! Start earning commissions.

This is what we call affiliate Marketing'.


What Next?

What we need to do now is to start writing quality content for your new site either by yourself or by paying a freelance writer to do it for you (there’s plenty of options out there starting from very cheap to fairly expensive). The more relevant the content is, the higher your search engine ranking will be, in turn, the higher your ranking the more visitors will visit your site leading to even higher rankings and even more visitors!


Step 5: Earn More Money

Google Adsense is another way you could earn some income from your site. What happens here is you sign up for Googles’ Adsense program and they will give your a piece of code to place on your website and Google will start displaying relevant ads (pianos, music, etc) and you get paid each time someone clicks on that.

I hope this has been of some help to you and that it has given you a clearer idea of how affiliate marketing works as a means of providing you with earnings.


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Am I Qualified to Help You?

I've no big claims, no self-praises, nor I am a ‘Guru'.

Its a common practice in the internet world to show off fake wealth, pics of big ‘rented' house, photos of some ‘rented' luxury cars, fake testimonials. I hate these false practices … and frankly, I've none of these things either : )

I'm a regular guy like you, nothing special. Neither I'm tech guy nor I'm internet marketing specialist. I've just one special feature. And that is, I never give up and show a diehard commitment that I got to be successful in making money online. I'm The One! With my experience, I only know what it takes to earn money online. That's it!

I just want to help people like you because some years back I was exactly at the same place where you are now … struggling hard but failed again and again; dead beaten and disappointed.

Now what I want is just to make this journey a little easier for you and save you from pains and disappointments as much as I can. You'll find none other than me guiding you with heart and soul.

Check my blog to get latest and up to date information about making money online.