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Welcome to This Unique Journey of Making Money Online..

Do you know what's the No. 1 problem faced by all beginners/newbies?

When a person wants to make money online and he/she search this term in Google, here's what he got!

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Yes, Google gives you 4.45 Billion Sites to learn how to make money online.

Who's in the world has so much time and energy to go through all of them?

This is termed as ‘Information Overload' and it acts as a huge barrier for all beginners who want to earn online.

Believe me, it took me over a year to find out ways how to make money online!

And yet another year, to learn what are The Best Methods out of 1000s of them!

So, I'm sharing these Best Methods to help beginners, saving them time and energy.

HAMMAD KF - Here I Am With My Sweet Little Pretty Daughter!


Hamad Fiazi

Based on my experience, I'm sharing you these pure ‘Golden Nuggets' which I wished someone would tell me when I started. This would reduce 50% of my efforts, time and money and I would achieve success much earlier and with much less investment. 


–  There are 6 Best and Legitimate Methods (which I mentioned below) to make money online.

–  Take your time and study each method in detail.

–  Then select any one of them which you find suits you .. and you have some passion for that. 

–  Stick to that method for a longer period of time (i.e. from 3/4 months to a year – depends on how much time you invest daily).

–  Never try to switch one method (you selected) with another, thinking that first one is hard .. and let's try another one! Why? Once I was in your place and I am telling you that by doing this, you'll only get disappointment! You'll reach nowhere and keep on hopping to the next programs.

–  According to a survey, the No. 1 Reason of people failed in making money online is that they are in search of some Quick Rich Scheme. They want a ‘Push Button' way to earn online .. and so they fall prey to the hands of so-called gurus and corrupt marketers. These fake people, as in every field of life, show them false dreams of making money online. Never waste your hard-earned cash to such programs.

–  I WARN YOU that earning money online is not a scam. It's a REAL business, and so it demands your time, little investment and energy. Show some consistency and you'll start earning online much sooner than you think (.. provided that you follow my advices : )


How to Make Real Money Online?
Here Are My 6 Best Methods!

Sell Online Earn Commissions

Sell physical and digital products online and earn your commissions as high as 75 - 90%. The Best Way! (Click Icon/Title for Detail)

Arbitrage - Buy Low & Sell High

This is The Easiest Way to earn online! Plus you don't have to do any work! You just automate everything.

Send Emails & Earn like Gurus

If you can write emails, you can make money online. This skill alone can make you 6 Figures a year!

Easy Money With Fiverr

Every other person has created Gig on Fiverr.com and started earning online. It's never late for you too!

Build Your Own Online Store

Building a physical store costs you a fortune. But setting Online Store is free and earns you much more!

Create Product Live Dream Life

Do you have a passion? Follow these guidelines and create a product around it! Earn Doing Fun!

Hammadkf Closing

I have 6 years experience of building successful online businesses. But this is not a smooth and relaxing journey. Rather it's like a Roller Coaster Ride which has it's own challenges, ups and downs and amusement as well.

I failed a lot during this period but belief in self and consistency are the two power tools which help me a lot.

So, welcome to this Roller Coaster ride! 

I guarantee that you would be successful if you just follow my site and take action! And don't forget to use power tools too!

Wish You All The Best!

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