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When launching a website, I like to tell clients that 80% of the work happens before we even get started with the actual design & setup of the website. Click here to read the full post or pin and save for later!

How a website redesign can destroy your search engine rankings! Believe it or not, A Website redesign can destroy your search engine rankings very easily. Not all website designers are equal, badly planned and ill-conceived websites can do irreparable damage to your business. In short, a website redesign can destroy your search engine rankings (SERPS). If you value your business making a decision on your website development is not something you can take lightly. I have seen the damage that can be caused first hand, websites effectively disappearing from search engines, huge drops in organic search traffic, the email and phone enquiries substantially dropping. After years of building your website presence, it vanishes overnight! What should have been a great new website design, suddenly turns into a horrific business disaster, worse still, once your rankings have gone that’s it, the damage can be permanent. Depending on how reliant your business is on website <a class="pintag" href="/explore/webdesign/" title=" #webdesign explore Pinterest”> #webdesign

After years serving to the web industry we decide to publish a guideline & #8220;how to create websites& #8221;. Following this recommended steps every single c

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