5 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Free Traffic Today

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In internet marketing, free website traffic is like oxygen in the atmosphere, without which you are unable to survive. Why is this so?

Its because more traffic and leads help you build your business with more speed and ease. Free traffic generates more signups and sales on auto-pilot which help you sleep a lot better at night, knowing your business is growing without you having to be there.


Let's say you create a great product and now you are waiting for people with the hope that they will find your website and purchase your product.

A few months back my business partner Jerry and I sent out a survey to thousands of marketers asking where you wanted the most training and help when it comes to building your business. The requirement topped the list was traffic, followed by the next most popular demand was, prospecting and recruiting. There were a few more options which no one chose anyway so who cares what they were, right?

To answer the traffic and lead related queries, recently, I share five very easy and stupidly simple FREE methods to get free website traffic which guides you to skyrocket your traffic and lead flow.

Now here it is, my “5 Stupid Simple Ways to Get Free Website Traffic Today! Take action on these strategies and you will have more traffic and leads coming into your life and business in the very near future!

1. Get Free Traffic From Facebookfacebook-groups

Now, this method will work when you post relevant offers in relevant groups. So, for example, don’t post something about health and wellness to a group of network marketers. Your message will fall on deaf ears. Also, don’t post about your online lead generation system in a group designed around health and wellness. See how that works? Congruency is key!

Also, you will notice that many times people go to network marketing groups and post links to their lead capture page or affiliate opportunity. If you want your message to be diluted, keep it the same as everyone else’s.

If you want to stand out, post a piece of content like a YouTube video or a blog post where you teach something and provide value. Then you promote your link at the end and the law of reciprocity will kick in and you’ll have more people visiting your site and taking an action like opting-in. I.E. Traffic and Leads.


2. Get Free Website Traffic From YouTube Videos

There are a ton of ways to generate leads and free traffic and make sales with YouTube. If you’ve never done a video before, start with something simple like an “about me” video where you share your story.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made any money in your business. If you’ve been doing a home based business for more than a month you can title it something like, “The 3 lightbulb moments I’ve had about building a home-based business.” Or share how your business has helped you feel a renewed sense of hope for the future.

At the end simply invite people to take a look at your website by clicking the link below the video.

Share your video on Facebook and anywhere else you have a social audience.

HINT: if you ask for your Facebook friends to do you a favor and watch your video you will get way more people to watch it than if you just post it without a “do me a favor” type of message.

Just look at the following youtube statistics to have an idea about the amount of traffic present on youtube:



3. Post a “Curiosity Post” to Your Own Facebook Wall

Most new marketers make the mistake of just posting a boring old run of the mill post to their Facebook wall and then complain when they don’t get any leads out of it. Here’s an idea. Make a post that engages the reader.

Ask them a question. If you have a health and wellness business say something like, “Finally found a way to get a piece of a growing trillion dollar industry. Wow, this is exciting! Message me if you want some details.”

Okay, do you see how that raises curiosity with your people and how instead of posting something that doesn’t interest them you actually filter out the uninterested people and actually get the ones who are interested to actually MESSAGE YOU asking for information? Its what we call permission-based marketing and it postures you as the authority instead of a salesperson for XYZ company.

You can also ask questions of your Facebook audience related to your business, get a comment thread going, and then post a link to your website in a comment at the end of the thread. See how with this message your link is going to an active, engaged, interested segment of your Facebook friends instead of everyone. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. It’s bad marketing and it doesn’t work!


4. Forum Marketing – Best Way For Free Traffic

There are all kinds of forums online related to all kinds of topics and many in the home business industry. Do a Google search for “home business forums” find a few that look good and join them. BetterNetworker.com has an awesome home business forum.

With forums, you often get to create a signature with your website link so create a compelling reason for them to visit your website. That is how you get website visitors and leads with forums. Then you need to get as many eyeballs in front of your signature as possible.

You do this by posting in the forum and ask good, thought-provoking questions. Engage the other people in the forums. Ask for their opinions on certain programs or training products. Make forum posts where you aks other forum members for their advice. Don’t try to hide the fact you are a newbie if you are.


5. Free Website Traffic Through Twitter

There are hundreds of tools you can use with Twitter to automate your traffic and lead flow on the social media giant. You can post links to your site as long as you also pepper in good relevant content. This can be content you’ve created or content other people have created.


Follow the 4 E’s of social media marketing. Find and post content that Engages, Entertains, Enlightens and Educates your audience. If you do this your audience will come to LOVE you and you they will be way more likely to click on a link to your website and become a lead when you ask them to.

So if you post 5 times a day. 4 of those posts should follow the 4 E’s and 1 should promote your own website. Get it? You can find awesome content to post when you visit alltop.com and popurls.com as well as youtube.com and anywhere else you find good content that you enjoy.

On twitter you can also create a direct message that goes to anyone who follows you on twitter. This message can send them to your website and then you can automate the process to get people to follow you by using something like Hootsuite.com


A Bonus Tip to Boost Website Traffic for Free :

There is one stupid simple hidden tactic internet gurus commonly use to generate a huge amount of free targeted traffic to their websites or affiliate offers. And that is, they never chase people and pursue them to come to their site. Instead, they go to the places where people spend most of their time.

From the following infographic, you can easily locate where actually people are found on the internet.

traffic on internet

The next step is easy. You should also visit these sites frequently … socialize on them, and as a result you can easily get lots and lots of free traffic to your website.


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