Every Business Has an Origin Story: A Lesson in Branding

“We’ve lost our way.” I’ve heard this from clients countless times. And it’s no wonder people are saying this: today’s businesses have to evolve very quickly because employees rarely stay in one job for their whole careers and technology is growing so fast that it’s a constant battle to keep... Read more

Facebook Has Launched Its Political Ad Archive

Facebook today unveiled the publicly searchable archive of political ads it said it would develop in April. The launch comes alongside new labeling requirements for all election- and issue-based ads, which includes a disclosure of who paid for them. The History of These Changes These latest developments come after months... Read more

GDPR and the Right Side of History

Brian Halligan sent this note to all HubSpot employees this morning: Yesterday, I got three emails from vendors asking me if it is okay that they keep sending me emails. I imagine you got a few as well. The irony is hard to miss. Rather than making a sarcastic joke,... Read more

17 of the Best Brands on Instagram Right Now

Contrary to what your friends' photos suggest, Instagram isn't just a social network for selfies and brunch pics. In fact, Instagram has a whopping 700 million active monthly users as of September 2017 — the last 100 million of which joined in the prior five months. In a world where... Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager

Collecting data using tools like Google Analytics is critical for expanding your business’s online reach, converting leads into customers, and optimizing a digital marketing strategy to create stronger relationships with your audience. However, collecting data is easier said than done. Google Analytics and other similar analytics tools aid the process,... Read more