The Compelling Case for Ethical Leadership

When the housing market crashed in 2008, my Dad lost $40,000 of his pension fund and his salary froze for two years. I never knew what caused my Dad’s financial stagnation or even the Great Recession, mostly because I was 13 at the time. But after I read The Big... Read more

Total Addressable Market (TAM): What It Is & How You Can Calculate It

In college, I interned at a MarTech company that sold email marketing optimization software. With their software, brands could finally gain visibility into their email program’s deliverability rate or inbox placement, which almost all email marketing software, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, can’t do. The business’ largest revenue stream was... Read more

The Plain-English Guide to Meta Tags & SEO

In 2018, HubSpot found 61% of marketers said improving SEO and growing their organic presence was their top inbound marketing priority. Undoubtedly, you already know the importance of SEO. SEO enables you to get on page one of Google, and helps you rank for the keywords that matter most for your business.... Read more

Your Google Rank Doesn’t Matter Anymore

For a long time, keyword rankings were a staple part of any SEO campaign. In a lot of cases they were a primary metric used to judge performance. Today, your Google keyword ranking is just one of several reasons your traffic can increase or decrease. Google Keyword Ranking Google keyword... Read more

Getting Started With Adobe Creative Cloud

In college, I took a semester-long video editing course which required me to work in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a video editing software for TV, film, and web. By the end of the semester, I realized my classmates and I had only mastered a small portion of... Read more

What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean? 👻 😎

There are hundreds of emojis available on iOS and Android mobile device keyboards — everything from tacos, to national flags, to artists are represented in cartoon emoji form. On Snapchat, however, the emojis you see appear next to your friends' names mean a myriad of different things — and they... Read more

The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn in 2019 [Cheat Sheet]

With all the walk-and-talk videos and anecdotal status updates flooding LinkedIn nowadays, the professional social networking site isn’t just a platform for connecting with your colleagues anymore — it’s a place where companies can build a brand. After Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in 2016, LinkedIn released a new... Read more

How to Buy High-Quality Twitter Followers Fast [Guide]

Nowadays, 75% of B2B businesses and 65% of B2C businesses use Twitter for marketing purposes — which means Twitter outranks YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat in terms of popularity among businesses. Undoubtedly, the popularity of Twitter for business makes the platform a crowded place. And, ultimately, your success on Twitter is... Read more