15 of the Best Calligraphy Fonts You Can Download for Free

The right font can instantly improve the look of your marketing presentation, impress your client, or escalate your design from average to exceptional. But it’s often tough to find a font that falls somewhere in-between classy and dramatic — particularly when you’re not willing to pay for an experienced calligrapher.... Read more

Video or Images: Which Performs Better in Facebook Ads?

“Video marketing” is one of today’s hottest industry buzzwords — and, of course, we at Animoto agree that video is a priceless tool when it comes to engaging your audience, sharing stories and information, promoting products and services, piquing interest, and more. But we also know that video in and... Read more

10 of the Best About Us Pages and How to Make Your Own

Best About Us Page Examples Yellow Leaf Hammocks Eight Hour Day Apptopia Moz Cultivated Wit Nike Refinery29 Marie Catribs Bulldog Skincare Doomtree Building a website is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower. It’s tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process, and forget all... Read more

Where’s Video Going? 10 Trends to Watch [Infographic]

Once upon a time, a focal point in the family room was a sizable, heavy box that delivered picture shows into our lives. Families arranged the furniture so you could see its magical screen while listening to its simple little speaker. When you turned it on entertainment and information came... Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Kerning in Typography

I’m willing to bet you already know what kerning is — you just don’t realize it. While you might not recognize when kerning is done well, you certainly see it when it’s done poorly. Here’s an example of bad kerning: M a rk e t i ng . Kerning is... Read more