Content Warfare

There is a battle taking place online every day. It's not a fight for the fate of the world… just the future of your business. A battle fought with content. A battle far too many businesses are losing. This is Content Warfare. We're here to win the battle for attention. Content Warfare is a work in defiance of mediocre content marketing. For too long, I've watched successful offline companies step into the digital world and implement traditional interruption marketing strategies with boring content and gimmicky sales funnel techniques. These techniques may have worked in 1999, but this 2014. The digital world and the consumers in it have evolved. The online and offline worlds are converging. We can no longer be one thing in the physical world and another online. Connected Generation consumers want to know who the human is behind the corporate logo. Content, in the form of media such as blog posts, video, podcasts and images, allows us to tell our story and connect with our customers in ways that were impossible 15 years ago. We must be authentic, transparent and honest. Abstract concepts, but when harnessed with quality content creation, yield incredible results (as you'll see).

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