Do This One Task And Google Boosts Your Traffic

How would you feel when I disclose to you that …

ONE TASK … Yes, only this one task you do … and

Google itself help you to boost traffic to your blog; plus …

since this traffic is from Google so this method is completely free; plus …

this method works in any niche or in any affiliate network.

Yes … I can feel your hunger for this traffic method and I appreciate your motivation to learning.


Google Alerts — The Secret Traffic Weapon

We used this method for weight loss/fitness product as for example, and you can try this in any niche.   So for this particular method, we used a secret Google tool called Google Alerts. It really Works, If you know how to do in EXACT Way.

If you are logged in to your Gmail account, you can access it here:

But before you do that, let’s make things clear on what exactly the method is about.

Well, we are gonna be doing exactly what the affiliate marketing is all about: “finding people who have a certain problem and introducing them to the solution ( your affiliate offer)”.

However, we are not going to manually search Google for blogs, forums, question and answer sites, and videos where our target audience hang out. Instead, we will automate all this whole process and put Google Alerts to work to notify us whenever someone posts anything related to our niche/product/keywords on entire world of internet.

Are you seeing the power of Google Alerts?

With Google Alerts set up, Google then start sending you emails with links to the page at the very moment when someone posts a video, news, press release, blog post or forum post for your chosen niche/product!

Now, your ONLY job is to click on that link and post a high-quality comment.

And of course, do not forget to include your Clickbank affiliate link. Google Alerts is scanning the whole internet in a real-time and is notifying you when a new blog post ( that match your entered keywords in the google alerts ) appear so that you can be the first to comment on!

My friend, Ahmed, posted around 4 to 6 blog comments each day spending just 15 to 20 minutes a day.   The more comments he left, the more traffic he started to get.   And it was extremely targeted (FREE) traffic!


Google Alerts Set Up

To set up Google Alerts for your keywords, simply visit .

Then type your keyword :

After that, go ahead and click on “ Show options ”.

Create an alert about.   “ Create an alert about ” is where you put your keyword.   You can create as many alerts as you want.   Here are a few examples of what you should be aiming for:

Product name

Your Niche

Competitor products

Keywords related to your niche

Authors, writers, TV, Radio people related to your niche

Anything else that’s relevant to your niche

Be creative. Take your time to do a proper research of your niche.

Think of what kind of questions your potential buyers would ask, such as:

How to cure XYZ?

How to avoid XYZ?

How to stop XYZ?

How to get rid of XYZ?

This is a very important step if you want to find those ‘ golden nugget ’ blog posts that your competitors won’t be able to find.

How often.   Choose ‘ As-it-happens ’ (for real-time results).

Sources.   Select what kind of results you want to receive to your email box. Usually, we go with blogs and forums.   At first, you could choose only Blogs. If you won’t get many emails – select Everything

How many.   Select ‘ All results ’

Deliver to.   Select your email address.

TIP : When setting up Google Alerts, you want to add as MANY keywords as you can. I know from my experience that having a few alerts is usually not enough. So, I suggest that you shoulg have at least 5-20 alerts setup for one keyword.

What will happen next?

Google will start sending you emails with the exact links to the blog posts almost the same minute when Google index them.   Your job is now to click through that link and reply back.

Posting a comment with your affiliate link.

Blog commenting is a very powerful and long-term traffic strategy when it’s done right. However, the majority of marketers use this strategy in a wrong manner. They post useless and short comments (which are spammy) on random blogs throughout the day and then they wonder why this method is not working for them?

The secret of getting traffic is about one very crucial thing:   BEING FIRST!   This is why Google Alerts are so powerful.

Most comments are sorted from old to new (from top to bottom).   When you are commenting first, your comment will appear at the top, just below the original article.   All other comments will go below yours.   This means those who read the original post are most likely to notice and read your comment as well.

Without any doubt, you have to write a relevant and high-quality comment.   This is why I have suggested picking a niche that you are already comfortable with or at least have some minor knowledge.   Without a relevant comment, your chances of getting your comment approved are almost none.

TIP: To double or even triple your clicks, you can post 2-3 comments with completely different names. Just make sure they are spread out nicely.

This is where you should enter your name and website link:

Walking an extra mile …

What differentiates super affiliates from the rest of the crowd is that they are more likely to walk an extra mile with everything that they do.   With every extra step you make – you are going to be one step ahead of your competition.

Extra step #1. Build a review blog for your chosen product Building a review blog (even on a free blogging platform like ) could dramatically increase your conversions.   Time and time again, tests are showing that some kind of pre-sell/review page increases conversions almost all the time.

Extra step #2. Linking to the squeeze page instead of the affiliate link.   Collecting email addresses today is not just optional, it’s A MUST .


When Google Alerts are setup correctly, you should be getting around 100 alerts a day or more. Depending on how popular your niche is and the number of keywords you put in.

What we like about this strategy is that you don’t have to be near your computer all day long.

Spend 15 minutes of your time either in the morning or in the evening to do some posting and that’s it.

By the way, if you get very similar blog posts to comment on, you can use the same comment on other blogs as well.   You don’t have to type a new comment for every blog post!

Remember, with every method you have to be patient and completely committed.   This one is not an exception.   You have to put some work to see the results.   You will see better results posting 2-3 comments daily for at least two weeks than just posting 10 comments at once (in one day) and then you stop.

The cool part about this method is that the traffic will multiply almost every day due to the new comments/forum posts you leave every day.


And your comment will stay there for a LIFETIME.

Now take action and Good Luck!

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