How to Rank in YouTube

“This book gives you a step by step roadmap to getting your YouTube videos ranked on Google.” — Amazon Reviews”I have been averaging an increase of 50 plus views per day.” — Amazon Reviews”Good info that will be helpful to anyone looking to rank in YouTube.” — Amazon ReviewsAuthored by James Green, “How to Rank in YouTube: How to get more views on YouTube” provides invaluable secrets on how to get your videos ranking.The internet landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and internet marketers and online businesses alike have had to find new ways of reach and grow their audiences using ever more creative techniques. What was once considered as simply an entertainment site, YouTube has emerged over the past few years as an outstandingly effective marketing tool. But very few people are using this tool anywhere near as effectively as they could be. “How to Rank in YouTube: How to get more views on YouTube” contains a complete set of SEO strategies and reveals an array of tips and tricks to get your videos ranking highly, not only in YouTube, but in Google and the other search engines as well. It covers such areas as: •What videos rank well;•What equipment you'll need;•How to write compelling video Titles;•How to craft your video Descriptions for maximum impact;•How to make the most effective use of Annotations and Tags;•Using in-video captions;•How to make your YouTube videos ‘clickable';•How to do effective keyword research;•How to get more subscribers to your channel;•How to get those all-important backlinks.And many other tips to increase your YouTube views – Google and YouTube are quite different animals and need to be treated as such and many of the YouTube ranking factors may surprise you. In a nutshell, this book will provide a complete SEO masterclass for ranking your YouTube videos and will teach you how to drive enormous amounts of free traffic to all of the videos in your YouTube channel using highly effective SEO techniques. Follow this SEO blueprint and you'll be way ahead of the competition and earning a passive income from your YouTube videos for many years to come.

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