How to Rank Youtube Videos On First Page of Google – SEO Training Guide

This book is a 2019 update and was written by me, A. J. Wright, an internet marketer and a freelancer. I've been marketing on the internet since 2003 and have acquired a wealth of experience from internet marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM),freelancing and SEO. That's why I know what works and what does not. I've written this e-book to help you save your time and effort and to help you avoid the same costly mistakes I made. Now I have climbed much higher on the ladder of internet success and making regular income online for my own company. This ebook reveals my expertise on YouTube. It is absolutely original and by no means reflects the views of any other person/others. I own a Youtube channel, a couple of websites and businesses. I'm also in a couple MLMs. I've helped several people become ranked on the first page of Google results for even very competitive keywords, and generated leads for several other companies. I have much to offer you in this ebook and I hope you will take your time to digest and implement the information in it to enhance your business with Youtube videos.

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