How to Launch a New Product [Free Checklist]

Like a tree falling in the woods, if you launch a product without spreading the word — will anyone use it? Will anyone even want it? Probably not. Whether you're launching something huge, something small, or you're updating a current offering, you'll want to start your preparation well in advance... Read more

How to Make a Video: a Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a video (or video series) to help market your product or service is a no-brainer. It's an easy, shareable way to communicate your company's core message. It can also lead to a strong ROI. In fact, product videos increase the chance of a purchase by 144%. Like many companies,... Read more

The Best 14 Website Plugins in 2019

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The 13 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins in 2019

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The Simplest Answer to, “What Is Product Marketing?”

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The 5 Types of Social Media and Pros & Cons of Each

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The Ultimate Guide to Press Release Distribution

To thrive as a small business, you need press coverage. But, unfortunately, coverage doesn’t just come naturally — you need to work for it. Enter: The press release. Press releases are important for increasing your brand awareness and helping your public relations (PR). But if nobody sees your release, you... Read more