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Filling out job applications is a full time and unpaid job. It is like a dead-end; you keep applying and nothing happens. It has become a winning a lottery ticket these days if you actually get a job you deserve with the right salary. Being a freelancer in any discipline has explosive financial rewards, if done properly. This is unlike working for someone else who profits from your hard work. The more work you complete, the greater the revenue you will receive. This is one of the advantages of completing outsource work for a client; you get to keep the entire payment for the work you did. Most freelance experts charge less than many of the companies that do the same type of work. The reasons your profits will be greater than companies that are competing against you for this outsource work is simple—your overheads are less. Facts about getting the higher profit from your small business are pretty basic. The higher your prices are above the product cost, the greater the profits will be, but also the fewer the sales. This is a carefully walked tightrope. For the most part, the market will dictate the price you will be able to sell your product or services for. In the beginning, the lower price is what will attract new customers. Customers are willing to try out a new vendor if the price is right. This avenue of marketing will lead to lower profit per item, but will make up the profit in the volume you will be selling. In this book I walk you through tried and true processes within the freelance and outsourcing realm. You will learn how to start, find customers, choosing price, follow ups, outsourcing and keeping record of your business. Making money online requires applying some tactics, having discipline and becoming successful in freelancing. Solution Benefits Starting your freelancing business Business planning Everything you need to know about making money online <Outsourcing Competition Social media The role of 80/20 Pareto Principle Increase in projects Increase in return on investment ( ROI)

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