The Trinity Review – A High Value Course or Else?

Trinity Review

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I’ve studied ‘The Trinity’ from start to finish and I am impressed with this program. The focus of this course is how to earn money by reviewing IM products through affiliate marketing. I found this course highly valuable and really helpful in making money online.

The Trinity is a step-by-step video training course where Anthony covers all the basics by holding your hand. With this program, you’ll get the skills to start earning $50 – $100 – $200 per day.

Having said that, there are also some pitfalls in this course which I’ll disclose in the detailed review below.

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Product Featuresthe trinity review anthony mancuso

Created by – Anthony Mancuso

Main Course – 25 Step by step video training course for newbies; teaching how to earn $100 – $200 per day through product reviews and affiliate marketing.

Main Course Price – $12.95

One Time Offers (OTO)/Upgrades

Upgrade 1 – DFY Trinity Campaigns ($37 with downsell $ 17)   This is a valuable upgrade with Done-For-You email sequences, reviews, videos, and bonuses.

 Upgrade 2 – Advanced Trinity Strategies ($47 with downsell $27)  Here Anthony disclosed some advanced tactics to scale up your profits 3 times.

 Upgrade 3 – The Trinity Boot-Camp ($197 and no downsell)    This Bootcamp consists of live coaching of 6 weeks which is a ‘MasterClass’. You’ll be trained ‘live’ by Anthony and its team and it’s hard to miss the shot.

 Upgrade 4 – License/Reseller Rights ($97 with downsell $47)   You can enjoy 100% profits when you get this OTO. After having this upgrade, you can sell The Trinity as your own product. 

My Candid Review

No doubt, The Trinity is a powerful and legitimate money making program. It is quite impressive and has the capability to churn out money if anyone takes action seriously and implements learning.


smileyWhat I Like …

Trinity is THE real program followed by highly successful internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

This is a very well-structured course — divided into modules, main sections, and sub-sections.

Step by step videos makes it super easy to understand and follow.

The videos are not only of high quality but also to-the-point and explain the topic with full detail. No fluff and junk info here.

The program is powerful and has the ability to earn you thousand dollar in the first month.

Anthony hides nothing and explains every bit of information required to make money online.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – so that you have full confidence that your money is saved.

3 Secret Courses- Gurus Never Want To Be Revealed To You!


not smileyWhat I Don’t Like …

Like many other ‘Make Money Online’ courses, Anthony Mancuso also make such big claims which his program fails to meet. Following are some of his claims in sales page of The Trinity:

Brand New: Anthony claimed that the method he described in The Trinity is brand new. After studying the whole program, I was surprised by this claim? Actually, this course is based on the concept of affiliate marketing where marketer reviewed some products and earns a commission if anyone buys through his affiliate link.

Newbie Friendly: Newbies can learn some basic stuff here … but to master this course and start earning, they still have to spend 6 months to 1 year time.

Set up in Less Than 60 Minutes: I’m afraid that implementing this system may take months initially. Once you’re experienced enough, even then it’s hard to set up it in under 60 minutes.

Easy $200 Per Day: This is not ‘easy’ and it’s not ‘$200 per day’. I know this when I say it. You have to sacrifice sleep for months and you’ll never see a dime for years. But if you are persistent, then surely you can achieve $200 per day and only then it will be easy for you.


This is IMPORTANT to note that all the above points which I mentioned that I didn’t like are not related to product … but they are all about Sales Page Hype Anthony created. Otherwise, I am a big fan of his course The Trinity.


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My Advice to You: We are living in a capitalistic society. So while going through the sales page of any program, never take every word literally true and very seriously. These are some marketing guys who are after your money and they love to mention the positive side of the product only.

For example, they claim: ‘You’ll make $1000 in a week’ … and they show even screenshots to prove it. But there is a bitter fact they are hiding from you. ‘That’ week where you are able to earn $1000 in a week will come after 2 years of struggle. They are very well aware that if this is mentioned, no one will even think to buy that product.

Lets’ Visit Members’ Area

members only

Let’s take a detailed look at the course ‘The Trinity’. Once in the members’ area, you have 7 training modules.

MODULE 1 – Case Studies – 

The Trinity Module1





Anthony briefed about his 2 previous campaigns on Warrior+ where he earned about $3000 in 5 days; showing you the worth of his course.

MODULE 2 – Introduction/Overview – Brief introduction of the system.

MODULE 3 – Finding a Profitable Offer – 

The Trinity Module3





This module consists of 5 videos.

In first 3 videos, Anthony explains 3 platforms (Clickbank Engine, Clickbank, Munch Eye) to find products to promote. In the 4th video (Getting Product Review Access), he simply explained how to get approval to promote a product. But he didn’t describe it in much detail. In the 5th video (Offering Bonuses), he explained how to gather bonuses to offer if someone buys from your affiliate link.


The Trinity Module4






First Side of The Trinity – In this module, he describes how to buy your domain name and how to build your website and install some plugins. This module consists of 7 videos.

  • Building Your Home Online
  • Choosing a Domain Name, Register & Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting Up WordPress & Installing Plugins
  • Choosing Your WordPress Theme
  • Setting Up Your Pages & Menu
  • How to Create Your Review Posts


The Trinity Module5






2nd Side of The Trinity – In this module, Anthony explains how to set up your youtube channel, how to create a thumbnail, how to upload video and how to do SEO. First 2 videos are quite basic; the others have some valuable information.



The Trinity Module6






3rd Side of The Trinity – This module is about how to do email marketing. This part of the module is not for newbies as it is required at an advanced level. It is needed when you have more than 200+ subscribers and have their emails. This is also not easy to manage.

MODULE 6 – Conclusion/Final Thoughts 

MODULE 7 – Traffic

  • Forum Marketing – He discusses how to use forums to build traffic to your site, it’s something he doesn’t use as much now.
  • Bing – This is paid traffic using Bing which if you don’t know what you’re doing can be a waste of time and money.
  •  Solo Ads – Now these can be expensive, and again you need to know what you’re doing. He recommends sending the traffic to a squeeze page so you can capture their email. The guy he recommends charges $117 for 100 clicks.

Final Result …

The course is absolutely brilliant. If you go through this course and don’t get a lot of value from it, I will eat my hat 🙂

For just under $10, this is an absolute must have.

                                          My Rating:  4.9 / 5


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3 Secret Courses- Gurus Never Want To Be Revealed To You!

Interested in Bonuses?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of bonuses as all the times I see marketers offer junk PLRs and PDFs in bonuses … just to use them as a bait for prey upon your cash.

In addition to that, the buyer (YOU) get so much useless information, that it becomes difficult even to read and go through the whole stuff … what to talk of taking action and implementing knowledge.

Finally, these junk bonuses distract your focus … and that’s their biggest harm. Instead of concentrating on the main product you buy, you are just overwhelmed by the number of bonuses. Result: You got zero value from such bonuses.

My Strategy:

I like to keep things simple and practical. Instead of using the word ‘bonus’ I call them Gifts. As a gratitude that you buy this product from my blog, I present you these gifts.

I never use some crappy PDFs or PLRs but my gifts are of very high-value. That’s why I offer these only in a limited number (usually 2 or 3).

You can go through them easily in one to two hours of your spare time, take action and get absolutely high value.

Gift 1

The Trinity Bonus 1

Gift 2

The Trinity Bonus 1

Gift 3

The Trinity Bonus 3

How to Claim These Gifts:

After buying ‘The Trinity’ through my link, just email me with receipt and I’ll send you the link to these gifts as my gratitude.

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