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Do You Know No. 1 Problem All Beginners / Newbies Face?

When a person (like you) wants to earn money online, and he/she searches this term in Google, here's what he got!

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Yes, Google gives you 4.45 Billion Sites to learn how to make money online!

Do you think you can make it? … Really?

Look, I was once in your shoes and let me tell you with brutal honesty that even after all hard work and dedication, you can't even get through first two pages of Google's Results.

You have so much load of information that you get confused which way to go and what tasks to do first? 

This is termed as ‘Information Overload' and it acts as a huge barrier for all beginners and newbies who want to earn online.

What makes this journey more difficult is that along with information, there is a lot of misinformation too, about making money online. 

If you are not careful, you'll go down the wrong rabbit hole and never make a dime!

What to Do Then? Let Me Help You

I build this website with only one purpose in mind:

 “To save beginners from the turmoil and hardships I have to pass through in my journey of making money online.”

My goal is to help you to achieve greater success online so that you can live your dream life; a life of freedom where you are no more worried about paying bills; a life where no one bosses you; a peaceful and relaxed life!

I struggled for years to make some money online. It seemed that the harder I tried, the less and less money I made. Yet, I never quit trying.

My dream was always to quit my 9 to 5 job and work from home. I hated hours and hours of travelling, traffic and waste of my time. 

I wanted to be my own boss and be the one who control my own destiny.

Can you relate to any of this, too?

Cutting the long story short (you can read detail in ‘About Me' section), all the hard work of 5 years eventually paid off and I finally started making money online and living my laptop lifestyle.

The key to my success was implementing a system and never deviating from the plan. I simply do the same tasks over and over again .. because they WORK.

You Have Two Choices Right Now..

Choice #1 – Figure It Out On Your Own

The first choice you have is to do it yourself.

The Trial and Error Method!

From Google's 4.5 billion results and from millions of Youtube videos, you have all the information out there required to make money online. 

Just try to figure out the process on your own, work hard to find out the missing pieces, and if you have that commitment, I can assure you that you would succeed against all odds.

I passed through same journey 5 years back; that's why I am assuring you that making money online this way IS possible … 

But the thing is, it would take couple of years of your life; plus thousands of dollars wasted on trying different tools, products, ads and softwares. Don't get me wrong! I don't want to paint false picture in front of you!

If you make this choice, be ready for the consequences.

Choice #2 - Slash Your Learning Curve And Learn the Stuff From A Mentor (A Real Shortcut to Your Success)

The second (and better) choice is to learn from a mentor.

This way you shorten your learning curve and achieve in months what you can get in years on your own. You can avoid all trial and errors and mistakes usually beginners commit.

This is the REAL shortcut  to your success!

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So, If You Make Second Choice, My Golden Nuggets Speed up Your Results..

I am sharing these Golden Nuggets (without charging you a dime : ) which I wished someone would tell me when I started. This would save 50% of my efforts, time and money and I would achieve success much earlier and with much less investment.

GOLDEN NUGGET 1:  According to a survey, the NO. 1 REASON people failed in making money online is that they are in search of some Quick Rich Scheme or a ‘Push Button' .. so they fall prey to the hands of so-called gurus. These fake people show them false dreams. Be careful and never go for such schemes.

However, Never Consider That Making Money Online Is a Scam. It's a REAL business, and so like a real world business, it demands your time, energy and investment (but much less investment of time and money is required than real-world!). 

GOLDEN NUGGET 2: There are hundreds of methods of making money online. Still after 5 year long online journey, I explore some new methods daily and get surprised! Believe me, when I started this journey, my one year was wasted in this practice. I started chasing every other method someone claimed to earn online .. and after spoiling months, I found that it's paying only pennies or it's too complex (not for beginners), or the cost is $1997. 

Let me share some online earning methods with you:

  • Do online surveys 
  • Paid for surfing web
  • Online market trading
  • Apps for cash
  • Build websites
  • Paid to click (PTC) sites
  • Review products
  • Write and publish Kindle ebook
  • Become a Freelancer 
  • Get cash back when shopping
  • Start teaching online
  • Buy and sell domain names
  • Making Youtube videos
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies
  • Become an Amazon Associate
  • Buy and sell softwares
  • Sell your work on Etsy, eBay
  • Create online courses
  • Record podcasts …

… and these are only some of the ways I share with you. There are hundreds other which I not mentioned .. as listing all of them is not my focus right now. So if you try to follow one method this week and another next week, you'll be lost and ends up nowhere.

I am saying this because I've seen every newbie doing this fatal mistake.

When you step in learning internet marketing, every other internet marketer bombarded you with some new hack or hidden trick .. NOT TO HELP YOU, but to trap you and raise his own bank balance. This is The Untold Truth; rather I should say The Ugly Truth of internet marketing.

So write down my words: Never try to follow ANY method someone put in front of you, saying he is making ‘big' money doing this online. It would eat up lot of your time and cost you hundreds of dollars.

GOLDEN NUGGET 3: As a mentor, I sincerely want help you out and to show you pitfalls of this online earning journey. This would save your time and hard-earned cash. I am telling you from my experience that out of hundreds of ways of earning online, what I found is that there are only  6 BEST AND EVERGREEN METHODS OF MAKING MONEY ONLINE (which I mentioned below).

–  Take your time and study each method in detail.

  Then select any one of these, which you find suits you .. and you have some passion for that. 

  Stick to that method for a longer period of time (i.e. from 3/4 months to a year – depends on how much time you invest daily).

  Never try to switch one method with another, thinking that first one is hard .. and let's try another one! Why? I am telling you from experience that by doing this, you'll only get disappointment! You'll reach nowhere, keep on hopping to the next programs.

Finally, show some consistency and you'll start earning online much sooner than you think (.. provided that you follow my advices : )

Here Are '6 BEST & EVERGREEN METHODS' To Make Money Online Real Fast!

Sell Online; Earn Commissions

Sell physical and digital products online and earn your commissions as high as 75 - 90%. The Best Way! (Click Title for Details..)

Arbitrage - Buy Low & Sell High

The Easiest Way to earn online where you don't have to do any work! You just automate everything.
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Send Emails & Earn like Gurus

If you can write emails, you can make money online. This skill alone can easily make you 6 Figures a year!
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Easy Money With Fiverr

Every other person is making money on Fiverr. What are you waiting for? It's never too late for you!
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Build Your Own Online Store

While opening a real store costs you about $10k, setting an Online Store is free and earns more profit!
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Create Product Live Dream Life

Do you have a passion? Follow these guidelines and create a product around it! You can 'Earn Doing Fun'.
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