13 Instant Cash Methods – Earn Money Real Fast!

I see you are in need of instant cash! And who doesn't on this planet needs extra cash?

Things happen in life when you face some emergency and don’t have finances to cope up. Then you are looking for ways to make some quick bucks.

The Internet provides golden opportunities to make some instant cash without even leaving your couch. Internet not only revolutionizes our lifestyles .. but it also radically changes the way people earn money now.

Step 1: Inside-Out Approach For Instant Cash

Since I am a big fan of Stephen Covey, so I apply everywhere one of his famous approaches and that is, ‘Inside-Out Approach’ of doing tasks.

This simply means that instead of looking for side hustles out there, you should first look ‘inside’ you and note down skills and knowledge you develop over the years.

First, you have to do some soul-searching and taking stock of your skills. This is the most important part people ignore while trying to earn money online fast.

  • List down 3 to 5 things you think you’re good at.
  • List 3 to 5 tasks you enjoy and feel passionate about.
  • Discuss your friends and family and take their opinion of what they think you are good at.
  • Write the skills you have developed in the past few years.
  • After gathering all the data, make a list of top 5 skills that you possess and enjoy doing them as well.
  • Finally, pick out 2 or 3 skills out of these about which you know that people would pay you money for. These are your side job ideas.

Don’t overthink which one to start with first. The key thing here is to take action.

Don’t over complicate the process. Implement a KISS strategy, that means ‘Keep It Simple Stupid'.

When you completed this task, it's time to move forward to the next step of the instant cash method.

Step 2: Side Hustles To Earn Quick Bucks

micro tasks


Always remember the following equation:

Micro Tasks (Require Less Time) –> Instant Cash (Low Payment)

You'll find lots of online opportunities where you watch an ad or read an email and earn cash.

Isn't it just amazing??? What a simple way to earn money!

No, it's not amazing!

Since the task is so simple, so the cash you earn is literally like $0.00013 reading per email. Here is a screenshot of my friend who joined a company ‘Click Genie' to earn money by reading emails.

And frankly, I don't want this kind of instant cash (if you can say it cash!) for myself … and not for you. So I have to put some real effort and time researching the topic.

My goal is to search for sites that are not only legitimate but would also pay you good amount of instant cash. Here are ‘The Best 13 Side Hustles' I found:

Test Websites

Simple Concept; Beautifully Implemented. The basic concept is that you have to visit clients’ websites, roam here and there, check some pages and then record (or write) a review about that site. Comment freely what do you feel about this experience. User Testing launched this concept and it pays you up to $30/hour.

Online Tutoring

Cheg Tutors is the site where you can teach students online and can earn up to $20 per hour. Share your knowledge with others and earn in return.

Paid Surveys

Just give your opinion and earn cash instantly. There are many legit survey sites (out of 1000s of scams) that pay you in real terms. My favorite one is Gold Opinions. Once you register with Gold Opinions, they email you surveys daily which you can easily fill in 10 – 15 minutes and earn $10 – $30.

PTC (Paid-to-Click) Sites

Simple work (like watch ads or read emails) and people are earning! The tasks are so simple, so earnings are not very high.

After signing up, you have to see some ads and click when it is completed .. and get paid. There are many PTC sites like Neobux, Scarlet Clicks, GPT Planet .. but I like YSense above all. It's very fair in its dealings and payout regularly.

Write Articles

Do you have the ability to write a 400 – 500 words article on any given topic? Can you google the required information and then rewrite information in your own words? If yes, can earn up to $10 – $20 per article (based on your experience). The two top sites are iWriter and TextBroker.

Swag Bucks: Watch movie previews and like videos. Sites like Swagbucks work on this concept and you can earn up to $250+ monthly.

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Google ‘Amazon Mechanical Turk’ and click the first result. There are some micro jobs available at Amazon which require minimum human intervention. Complete these micro tasks and get paid.

Shutter Stock: If you have a flair of photography, you can sell your photographs on sites like Foap, Shutterstock.

Become a virtual assistant as there is a high demand for it. You can do social media posting, SEO, bookkeeping, customer service, etc. Join related Facebook groups and offer your services.

Give your opinion and get paid for that. Paid surveys work for many.

AirBnB: If you have some free space available, this company would love to pay you rent for that extra room, adjusting their clients for residence.

Kindle: Do you have any skill or knowledge about any topic in the world? Write an ebook on the topic and publish it on Amazon Kindle Publishing. You'll see immediate sales and cash rolling in!

Etsy: If you love painting, drawing, handicrafts, or jewelry, you can sell them on Etsy where thousands of customers purchase items they like.

Step 3: Methods to Earn More Cash

So, if you have some more time to invest, you can earn more cash in return. The equation is now:

Medium-Level Tasks (Require Somewhat More Time) –> High Returns

Following tasks require more skills and demand more time compared to the above ones, but they generate so much cash that you would feel relaxed!

Youtube Videos

Share your skills and knowledge with the world by creating Youtube videos. If they provide value to others, your number of views would increase and later you can monetize these videos. This would take some more time but this is a real passive income method. If you are camera shy, use PowerPoint slides, just read the slides while recording them by Screen CastoMatic.


You have to create gig (your skills-based side hustle) on Fiverr and buyers would place orders and you’ll start making money. If you are interested in Fiverr, click here to start your gig and earn money.

Work As Freelance

Whatever the skills you enjoy, there are some persons in the world who want to get the service in which you have expertise. So you can work as a freelancer and earn an attractive amount of money.

There are many platforms where people work as freelancers. Guru, Upwork and Freelancer are the famous ones. Buyers from the whole world post their orders and you can submit your proposal. If selected, you have to complete the task in the specified time and in return, you’ll get paid.

Affiliate Marketing

Don't get intimidated by heavy term! The concept is basically very simple and centuries old. You sell physical or digital items (through your blog or facebook or twitter) and earn commissions when someone buys items.

You don’t need special skills or experience for affiliate marketing. If you can spare 1/2 hours per day and have some patience to put efforts consistently, then this method gives you much higher earnings than all the above methods.

Do you want to learn affiliate marketing for free, then click here to learn all about it.

Instant Cash – Note of Caution

Never do the mistake 99% beginners commit!

Excitedly, they start following too many sites at a time, getting results from none!

So, I warn you (rather advise you honestly as a friend) to start the process from Step 1 i.e. Inside-Out Approach and not to ignore that.

After accomplishing Step 1, study all 13 Side Hustles and select only one … yes, ONLY ONE to move forward. Naturally, you would choose the one which suits your skills the best.

Work on this hustle for a month or two. Never hop from one method to another quickly. You'll end up nowhere! Give the selected method some time to ripe and it would yield fruits for you.