5 Toughest Challenges of Internet Marketing


5 Toughest Challenges of Internet Marketing … and How This Website Help You Out

When you are a beginner, challenges of internet marketing are hard to cope.

You are constantly exposed to problems, complexities and roadblocks and you have no clue at all what to do. What makes it a lot harder is that you are alone in this internet marketing journey and have no one to guide you!

So it's better to know right at the start what are the toughest challenges you are about to face. At least you are mentally ready for these and better prepared when actually face one.

Below is a list of 5 biggest challenges and After discussing a challenge, I also explained how this website helps you to combat this tough situation.

Here are the 5 toughest challenges of internet marketing:

  • Time
  • Money
  • SOS – Shiny Objects Syndrome
  • Failures
  • Selecting method that suits you

1. Time

Sparing time for learning internet marketing and applying it is the toughest of all challenges.

Making your time free and learning internet marketing from zero is the biggest hurdle for a newbie. When you are a beginner, this is a new field and an unknown profession.

As a newbie, you don't know terminologies and jargons used here commonly. There is no formal class learning available here and you have to learn everything by trial and error.

Surely you have Google and Youtube available for help, but understanding these internet marketing terms and applying them require a lot of time.

So if you are having 9 to 5 job then you find it difficult to spare time for learning of internet marketing … and that too by trial and error. Plus if you have a family, then learning internet marketing becomes more challenging.

How This Website Solves Your Time Challenge

On this website, I put all efforts to make learning easier for you.

The flood of information is the REAL time snatcher in today's world. You search for some topic on Google and got so much information that you end up more puzzled! So here on this website, I share only to-the-point information you require to earn money online.

I work hard to speed up your learning so that you don't have to waste hours and hours in searching.


2. Money

It is rightly said that it takes money to make money.

But in internet marketing, you spent quite a lot of money and found out that making money is still a dream.

Reason: Internet marketing is a completely new field for you; you know nothing about it. Then, in the beginning, you are excited … want to move faster and ready to pay any program with the appealing sales page.

Then, months after months, gradually you figured it out that you are actually a victim of false advertising.

Result: After investing a lot of money and with zero ROI, a majority of people quit their dreams of online earning.

Another aspect of the financial challenge is that you may stumble upon legitimate courses created by real gurus, but when you are about to enroll you find that these courses cost around $2000 to 3000 … making it impossible for newbies to buy them.

Surely, there are free resources available on the internet but finding the right program and applying on your own .. may take years of your life.

Here's How I Help You Out ..

This whole website is designed with this purpose to help out people with limited cash.

If you are on a budget and still want to try your luck in online earning, I'll guide you to free resources or lite versions of tools to get the task done.

If you want to move faster and ready to buy some courses but do not know which one to go for .. because there are so many fake products out there, again I stand by you and recommend only result oriented programs.

At the end of this post, I recommend THREE BEST COURSES which give you maximum value and help you earn money real fast.


3. SOS – Shiny Objects Syndrome

Every person on internet suffers from SOS viruses one time or other.

It's hard to secure and protect yourself from this disease. Three years back, I was also a prey of this syndrome.

So what is SOS?

You know, it's a human nature that we want to put less and less efforts and gain more and more revenue. Internet marketers know this human psychology very well and so they launch products claiming everything under the sun (making it shiny) … and believing them, people get these junk products

For example, in an advertisement, creators of a product claimed ‘work 30 minutes daily and earn $300 per day extra … and this program cost you only $27'.

It's shocking when I found myself calculating $300 per day equals $2100 per week … and only required 30 minutes of my day … you see … thinking this … I was already a buyer of that product.


These are ‘Shiny Objects' which digest your money, distract you from learning and yield absolutely ZERO results.

Working on one product for a month, suddenly you come across another product which shows some more shiny dreams … and just out of greed of money, you leave the product you are working on, and buy this new product.

This process keeps on going like forever … until a point in your life reaches where you are started getting the whole idea of ‘shiny objects' and understand that in this whole game actually, you are being a victim.

You would become so disappointed that you are ready to quit.

How My Services Help You ..

Well, my friend, I am telling you right now that this happens to everyone here, so not to worry about it much.

Being a victim of SOS, some persons quit and compromise on their dreams while others learn the lesson and continue their journey. These second kind of persons believe the quote ‘I will find a way … or make one.'

So my advice, religiously follow only one person, it's me or someone else. Stick to that person for a long time.

It's difficult but not impossible to save yourself from shiny objects syndrome.


4. Failures

There were times when I, too,  felt lonely … depressed … disappointed … cried … banged my head against walls.

But next day, I stood up again with courage, picked my pieces, learned from mistakes and moved forward.

This happens to everyone here … NO EXCEPTION .. with each and everyone! Never Give up is the rule number 1 in this field.

Consistency and keep on moving forward bit by bit is the key to success in internet marketing.   So never fear failure and never afraid of taking risks and ultimately, success will be yours.

Actually, internet is evolving at such a high speed that what you are being told today might not work tomorrow. In addition to that, Google updates its algorithm every now and then. Result: You are bound to face setbacks and failures.

Then how to cope this situation?

Now, this is the MASTER KEY I am revealing you … and I figured it out myself quite recently … ‘Get the guidance from your mentor and then you have to PLAY your own game.'

Never assume that everything will be served ‘ready to eat'. You have to choose playfield yourself … and select your shots according to the situations. A mentor can only facilitate your learning but you have to play yourself.

This is how your practical learning would take place.


5. Selecting Method That Suits You

Ohhhh!!! … I remembered the pains of learning!

What I am sharing now took me 5 months to figure out!

Yes … one simple learning in 5 months!! So it means that when you get knowledge of this, you cover the lap of 5 months in 5 minutes.

And this is what this website is all about … helping you; saving your time; shorten the learning curve; speeding up your pace!

When I started, I just wanted to earn money online. So whatever and whoever claimed so, I was the first person who followed.

But after 5 months, I gradually realized that there were a number of methods of making money online … and instead of trying each and every method, I must focus one method only.

It doesn't mean that I should never try other methods but only after I got success in at least one method, only then I should move to any other method.

These are some … not all … methods widely used to earn money online:

  • Write and sell eBook
  • Work on sites like Guru, Upwork, Freelancer and do the jobs of your choice
  • Earn commission on Amazon products
  • Create an app
  • Write articles for other sites
  • Offer gigs on site like Fiverr
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Graphic designing
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Sell products on site Etsy
  • Auction items on eBay
  • Use Shopify to build your own store
  • Create video tutorials on youtube
  • Develop and sell educational courses on Udemy
  • Become a virtual assistant



Here's My Advice ..

So this is the very first step … and the MOST IMPORTANT one!

Take your time, do some soul searching.

What are your interests and what are you passionate about!

Be very careful … as the first wrong step may end up in a wasteful journey of years!

After narrowing down your list to 3 or 4 methods, next step is to Google these modes of earnings and search deep down into them.

It's important that you've to select ONLY ONE METHOD of making money online. If you do not follow this advice, you'll waste a lot of your time and energies.


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