7 Fatal Mistakes Why Bloggers Fail in Making Money


Affiliate marketing sounds easy way of making money to all bloggers. You have a blog, you just select a product available on affiliate platforms, and finally promote it. When some visitor buys a product through your affiliate link, you get commissions. That's it!

All this ‘sounds' very easy .. but actually, this is not. The fact is that each step of affiliate marketing requires a lot of knowledge and practice to implement. It takes time (months to even years) and energies to reach a point where a blogger start earning money.

Since the main focus of my site is to help bloggers who just start their journey of making money online, so here I'm explaining 7 fatal mistakes why bloggers fail in making money. If you are a beginner then you must keep an eye on these 7 dangerous habits to protect yourself wasting your time and money.

1) Many bloggers don’t know much about affiliate marketing

How surprising it is that you think you know about something … but actually you don’t. This is the number 1 reason why a majority of bloggers fail in making money with affiliate marketing.

When you believe that you have all the knowledge, then you’ll never try to acquire more and struggle harder for success. And this belief results in failures.

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When you search ‘affiliate marketing’ on Google, you’ll get millions of results. But the fact is that many of these posts are filled with obsolete information. In the fast- paced world of internet, everything is changing at such a high speed that you must keep on updating all things all the time.

In order to survive in today’s online marketing world, we have to be open to new things and adapt to changes in learning. Seek out the best training you can find, ask for recommendations and BUY it!

So avoid this number 1 mistake of bloggers and keep on learning all the time.

 2) They promote products just for the money

This is the Ugly Side of affiliate marketing – promoting any product just for the commissions is unethical. The amazing fact is that you can earn more money with affiliate marketing by being helpful and ethical. You should select and promote only that product which you sincerely believe that would be helpful to your readers. And most importantly, you are ready to buy yourself.

Now assuming you have found a product you want to support, how can you be confident that your readership will want to know about it?

For starters, from publishing articles on your blog you can do some useful market research.

=> Try to identify the articles on your blog with the highest number of social shares.
=> Identify the articles with the highest number of comments.
=> Identify the articles that are most linked to.
=> Identify the articles that drive the most clicks from search engines.

The more relevant the product you promote, the more your chances of generating sales and commissions.

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3 – They don’t invest in essential tools

There is no business you can successfully do online without investing in the right tools. You must keep on researching and keep on investing in ‘sharpen your saw’ as Stephen Covey famously coined the term.


The tools such as:

  • Fast web page loading
  • Fast loading theme
  • Pop-ups
  • SEO tools
  • Reducing images size
  • Plugins for more productivity
  • And very importantly…

They don’t keep up-to-date with changes in the marketplace. Technology, SEO and Social Media are changing all the time – please accept that what works now, may work differently 6 months from now.

 4) They do not have enough knowledge about products

I am shocked that what many bloggers do is just against common sense.

How can you sell a product when you don’t have knowledge about the product and how it would be helpful for customers? But surprisingly, bloggers do this practice…

The best practice is to promote a product which you are using and really found helpful. You know all about this product and liked it. In this case, your review would be honest and practical. So why not promote that product and make ethical money for yourself.

Remember readers love ‘stories‘ and the story of how you found and fell in love with this product is one of the strongest persuasion strategies. (But remember it only works if it is authentic and genuine – I strongly discourage ‘made up’ stories.)

5) They just copy other bloggers

The Internet is full of ‘copy and paste’ blogs and websites.

It is really very hard to get new and unique information. This is another point where a lot of affiliate marketers fail. They read some blogs and tried to follow others and even copied their posts and articles.


As a person, you have a unique personality and that should be expressed in your blog, in your articles, in your words. If you want a long term success, then you must have a unique angle of expressing things which stands out your site with all others.

Gradually you build a loyal readership and visitors who enjoy your views and whose frequency matches with you. This gives you a solid base for online success.

Additionally – and this is very important, add your own STORY as to why you got involved with this product…

I recently read the success story of one mother who started online simply to make enough to pay for horse riding lessons for her daughter. This was, of course, targeting the Newbie Marketer and it also had that all-important ‘feel good’ feeling.

Other things you can do…

For instance;
=> Add a special bonus for your readers
=> Offer a special discount code from product author
=> Get co-branded sales page from author

Successful Affiliates are innovators – always be looking to add value to the offer, in terms of either a special bonus or better still in my opinion – reveal an angle or a strategy that no one else is talking about…

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6) They focus on features of products all the time

In marketing, this is called a fatal mistake when a salesman explains features of the products, ignoring how this product would be helpful for a customer.

There is a slight difference between these two things. A common person makes a decision to buy something because of only two reasons:

  1. This product is relieving some pain.
  2. The product gives pleasures which he is seeking.

If as an affiliate marketer, you don’t address how this product helps your reader in relieving his pain or giving his desired pleasure, you put a stamp on your failure.

As Theodore Levitt said “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want to buy a quarter-inch hole!”

And if you love good old Kodak films, remember what Mr. Levitt said: “Kodak sells film, but they don’t advertise film; they advertise memories”

So in your product reviews never focus on the features – focus the benefits!

Remember… Features Tell, Benefits Sell

7) They ignore SEO

All bloggers die to somehow grab more and more traffic. This is because more traffic simply means more money. Yet they ignore the single best source of traffic and that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

They put all the efforts to promote through social media and neglect SEO which is a free traffic source. So what steps a blogger must take to have a satisfactory level of SEO?

=> Do keyword research before doing an affiliate product review
=> Target the right buying or problem-solving keyword in your review posts
=> Do proper OnPage SEO on your product review posts
=> Promote product review post on social media to generate likes, tweets, and shares.
=> Create backlinks to product review posts
=> Check out the best SEO Tools

The more traffic you generate from search engines to your blog, the more sales you are able to make.

Final Words..

Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes is a unique human potential. So when you keep on experiencing new things in affiliate marketing, you are bound to make some mistakes. But in your quest, hopefully, you would avoid these 7 fatal mistakes which put barriers to your success.

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