About Me

Hi, I am Hammad KF. In my blog, I share with you a complete system of make quick money online.

I've been in the internet marketing for a number of years. I am glad when people contact me, and grateful that I'm now in a position to help them out.

With the increase in the use of internet, people are more eager to learn ways how to make money fast online. Internet marketing or living a dot com life style was once my dream too, which I never shared with anyone. The reason is quite simple; no one in my family or friends was going to take it seriously. They recognized the importance of internet but nobody was ready to accept it as a source of living.

‘Make Quick Money Online' Why It Is Absolutely Important?

You know, ‘change' is the biggest human fear … as we are all set and comfortable with our rituals, customs, and traditions. We believe that life is that after earning a college degree, we have to get a 9 to 5 job and thereafter plan for retirement … and that's it! We are chained to this system. We are so accustomed to it that we have developed a firm belief this is the absolute reality and negate all other possibilities.


I question myself many times,'Is this ALL?'

‘Is this a life or a slavery … where I've to do certain fix tasks?'

‘Are there no other options? No ways to make quick money online and enjoy life?'

‘Am I ready to live such a life?'

…. No fun, No adventure, No excitement, No thrill to achieve something!!

Answers to My Questions:

Internet marketing answers all my questions … and WOW … in a stunning manner!

When I first visited my friend, Alan, and came to know how he was earning money online, I was blown away.

‘You earn$2000 this week without leaving your couch?' I screamed. “This is what I want! Show me how do you make quick money online?”

And from that point forward, internet marketing becomes my biggest obsession.

Journey Turned Out to be Harder Than I Thought:

Although I got help from my friend, yet gradually it turned out that this was not as easy as it seems. tough-times-aheadMaking money requires a lot of self-discipline, hard work, patience, internet skills and the never-ending supply of perseverance.

Days and nights passed, months and years have gone by, and I got absolutely ZERO earnings. All my family members and friends first mocked at me then tried to advise me and then finally left me all alone!

Even a lot of times, I thought of quitting … thinking that it might somehow worked out for Allen; he might be a lucky guy, but in fact, people are true … there are no ways to make quick money online!

I had joined a number of courses, purchased a lot of ‘Shiny' products, worked very hard and did everything possible, but nothing worked out. I knew only one fact, and that is, making money online IS possible and others are earning their fortune … so there must be something I was missing.

One fateful mid-night, while I was sitting there in my room alone, staring at my computer screen and finally plan to quit all this internet marketing phobia – when a strange thing happened.

At last, A Taste of Success:

I got a ‘ching-chang' message from famous Clickbank, congratulating that you've earned $20 commission. This is the much-needed break … and I know if I can do it once on a small scale, I can do this again and again on a massive scale.

And that is a turning point in my life and I never looked back.Taste of Success!!

And then after next 12 months, I compiled everything that I had discovered and come up with a system that really worked and I could generate cash by using Google to get my visitors.

Success was Finally There …

When I implemented the system my first month, I actually make a passive income of $100. To me, this was, an AHA moment and it was an immense leap forward on my way to online success and my goal, ‘to make quick money online'.

Before the second month's over, I had been earning just short of $500.

I rehashed this procedure, tweaking it with each site I made and over the next 3-4 months, I had created 10 more sites which took my month to month revenue around $1000 every month.

Around a half year later, I had about 31 sites and 75% of them were profitable generating average income of around $500 each. At this stage, I had been making more money at home than I was in my permanent job.

Now I Enjoy Two Things: Financial Freedom and Helping Others


Thanks to internet lifestyle, today I enjoyed my financial freedom and earned so much that have no worries about money.

Now I'm doing the next part which I loved equally; to help others achieve their dreams.

Every day, I am getting quite a number of requests that are difficult for me to manage. People from all walks of life are asking for ways to make quick money online. I tried my best to personally answer them; to help them accomplish their dreams.

I believe that making money online is so simple and easy that everyone should choose this path. It requires no education, no special degree, no specialized skills. You may think then why so many people fail in internet marketing. The reason is that it requires 200% commitment and dedication. Once you are ready to pay the price, nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams.

Final Words …

The reason I have created this blog is to make an effort to help as many people as possible and not only information about latest updates of internet marketing but also share the shortcuts and secrets no one dares to talk about, which enable them to reach their goals at a faster speed.

My Final Advice:

The number one reason of failure in internet marketing (which I also experienced) is the distraction.

You move from site to site; wandering from one blog to next blog; try to follow one system than another… and than another one … and not just stick to one system. This distraction is a sure shot formula of failure.

So I advise you to stick to this site up to a point you start seeing results. Control your distractions as this habit result in nothing but destructions. Follow this one site religiously!

I shared all my online earning secrets here … and explained everything step by step so that it would be super easy to follow. If you have some confusions following any topic, just go to contact page and I'll try to help you out.

Begin your journey by first visiting ‘Start Here' page and understand the whole concept. Then move to ‘Step 1' and so on!

Wish you all the success,

Hammad KF