Method 1  Start Selling Products Online

... And Earn Commissions From Home!


This is the first method the majority of people try.

Why? Because it's easy to understand and simple to follow!


 But How to Sell Online? And What's the Process? 

Selling products online is quite simple. The process is actually the same as in the real world.

When you start selling In the real world, you join a company as their Sales Person.

Then you try to sell their products and earn a commission on every sale.

Simple! Isn't it! It's exactly the same process which we follow online.

The only difference is that here you do all these tasks, working on your computer while relaxing on your couch!


 3 Simple Steps of Selling Online 

To make the process of selling online easy to understand, I explain it in 3 simple steps.

Step 1:

There are a lot of sites like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank (I give their website addresses below) which have hundreds and thousands of products of all kinds.

First, you register yourself as a salesperson on these platforms (generally known as affiliate).

Step 2: 

As in the real world, your next task is to start marketing these products.

Contrary to the real world, where you get physically exhausted moving from one market to another, working online has benefits of its own.

Without moving out of the couch, you start marketing the selected products on social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram and other platforms).

Step 3: 

When any visitor buys that product through your special link, you get your commission ... which is then automatically deposited to your Paypal account.

So, this is how you sell products online and earn comission.

In the world of internet marketing, this whole process is known as 'Affiliate Marketing'.

An affiliate promotes one or many products.

His job is to attract and convince customers of the value of a merchant’s product.

So these customers actually end up buying it.


 Any Product Works .. 

It doesn't matter which product you select to promote. You can promote related to your favorite hobby or have some connection to your profession.

Any product works.


Take a look at this guy, who reviews Hot Wheels tracks and cars:

Over 300,000 subscribers for Hot Wheels? Can you believe this?

Now you should agree with me when I say that any product can earn you commission!


 Where to Find Products to Promote? 

There are many websites and platforms where you'll find physical and digital products. Visit these sites and register yourself as an affiliate.

Some well-known of them are:

  • (for physical products of all kind under the sun)
  • (for all types of digital products)
  • (for programs and software related to making money online niche)
  • (for physical and digital products)
  • (for health and fitness related products)  


 Where to Market These Products? 

  • Your Facebook Page
  • FB posts
  • Join Facebook groups and market
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Other social media platforms
  • Youtube videos
  • Quora (Question-Answer Site)
  • Forums


 Is It That Simple to Earn Commissions? 

See, the process looks quite simple. As an affiliate, you get a product and starts marketing it.

When someone buys this product, you'll earn a commission.


But when you start doing it for the first time, this will take a lot of your time and energy.

Don't get intimidated by that. You know this is a natural process when you start learning a new thing from scratch.


What more you need to learn in the process is the following:

  • Learn how to build a website -- so that visitors can follow you
  • Getting subscribers -- to build a loyal customer base
  • Create a squeeze page -- for building an email list of subscribers
  • Create and operate social media accounts on all major channels -- for attracting visitors to your site
  • Learn how to make videos -- as videos capture attention fast
  • Youtube marketing -- set up your own Youtube channel to get subscribers
  • Email marketing - to send emails daily to your subscribers to keep them happy

There are still other tasks to enlist here, but the above are enough to give you an overview of the picture.


 Invest A Little to Get Fast Results (My Recommended Method)   

The bitter truth is that when you try to do all the above tasks yourself, this will take a year or two.

And that's the main reason why the percentage of people failing in making money online is so high!

Majority of people find it difficult to be consistent and putting time and energies .. without seeing any result for this long.


That's why I highly recommend to invest a little money (only $10 - $50) and get a laser-targeted course to speed up your learning.

Instead of spending months and years learning on your own, get a High-Value Course ... and see fast results (i.e. start earning commissions).

Believe me, this would save you from a lot of hurdles, challenges, and disappointments which you face in case of digging out the process yourself.



"How To Copy My $460 Per Day Affiliate Commission System - In As Little As 12 Short Minutes!"


inute Affiliate is an online plug-and-play affiliate marketing system that claims to help you start earning affiliate commissions in as little as 12 minutes.

What this means is that you are given the tools and systems to promote different affiliate products, without having to do the hard work yourself. 

For example, you do not need to create an opt-in page to build your list as you are provided with predesigned lead capture pages, complete with opt-in forms. 

Essentially, all you need to do with this system is to drive traffic to the lead capture page and get people to sign up. 

How 12 Minute Affiliate Works?

With 12 Minute Affiliate, there are 3 main steps involved:

STEP 1: Personalise the system 

This means that you'll be adding your affiliate links to the products you'll be promoting, and setting up your email autoresponder and other aspects of the sales funnel

STEP 2: Add "Done-For-You" Traffic

The system gives you the opportunity to purchase traffic to deliver to your offers. The amount of traffic you get will depend on your budget. The problem with this is that the traffic may not be targeted, and as a result, you may not get the result you were expecting.

STEP 3: Keep your affiliate commissions

As you've set up your account with your affiliate links, you should receive the commissions when you've made a sale. 


What's Included in 12 Minute Affiliate?

In the 12 Minute Affiliate platform you can expect to find:

  • "Done For You" sales funnels
  • "Done For You" Emails
  • An "EZ Funnel Wizard" to allow you to customise your sales funnels
  • Access to their Facebook group where you can interact with other members
  • "Done For You" Traffic


Pricing + Upsells

There are many payment plans within 12 Minute Affiliate, but here's a quick breakdown of the main pricing and upsells involved:

  • 12 Minute Affiliate                  (Main Product)  -  $9.95 14-day trial, then $47/month OR $397 for lifetime access
  • 3 X Your Results Blueprint    (Upsell 1)           -   $39 (one-time fee)          - Go for this if you are interested in fast results and more income!
  • Done For You Setup                (Upsell 2)           -   $67-$97 (one-time fee)   - Want to get it all without any hard work? This is the best option you'll get.
Plus there is 60 Days Money Back Guarantee ... so if you tried this system and not getting results, your little investment of $9.95 is safe.

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