A Simple Guide to Marketing ROI [Formula & Examples]

Whenever you launch a new marketing campaign, you should test whether the cost of the project is helping or hurting your company. To determine something's profitability, many marketers look at ROI — or return on investment. At the most basic level, ROI compares the amount of money you spend on... Read more

500+ Journalists Agree: These Are the Worst PR Tactics in 2019

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Paid Media, Explained in 400 Words or Less

An effective content strategy doesn’t rely on only one tactic. Generating qualified leads requires you to regularly publish compelling, valuable content, explore guest blogging opportunities, identify co-marketing campaigns, and devise a strategy for promoting said content. Ultimately, by sponsoring content, you're able to reach audiences that might not have come across you otherwise.... Read more

How HubSpot’s Paid Team Leverages Their CRM

When you think about it, advertisers have an endless list of tools at their disposal. For instance, we might build our ads directly within Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google. Perhaps we have a budgeting tool that helps us properly allocate our ad spend. Additionally, maybe we use a tool like SEMRush... Read more

6 of the Best SEO Link Building Software Solutions in 2019

All search engine algorithms are driven at least in part by links, which makes link building an essential aspect of SEO. It's also a cost-effective marketing principle that, when done right, allows you to essentially advertise on other reputable websites for free, while gaining high-quality referral traffic. The term “link... Read more

SEO vs. PPC: When to Optimize and When to Pay for Traffic

Let's say you have an amazing new product — you've created a software that recommends the perfect pizza toppings for your personality, and you're excited to share your business with the world. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to share this revolutionary product with as many of your target users... Read more

The 9 Best Cover Letter Examples: What They Got Right

Let’s face it: A job search is, typically, anything but fun. It’s almost as if it carries its own five stages of grief. At first, there’s denial of its demoralizing nature. Then comes the anger over either radio silence or rejection from prospective employers. Of course, there’s bargaining — “I... Read more

29 Email Deliverability Tips You Must Know in 2019

Marketers spend a lot of time drafting poignant email copy, designing wonderfully branded email templates, and crafting succinct and enticing email subject lines that get open and click-through rates skyrocketing. But before hitting send, have you considered whether your subscribers will even get the opportunity to read your email? No... Read more