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I’ve studied ‘Compoundly’ thoroughly and I must say this is a remarkable course.

The main focus of Compoundly is to guide all those who are interested in Internet Marketing (or make money online) and give them a step by step video training. I found this course highly valuable and really helpful in making money online.

Watch this video to get an insight of Compoundly:

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Compoundly is a step-by-step video course created by Paul Nicholls and Anthony Mancuso. Paul is the main trainer who teach over-the-shoulder videos how to move from zero to hero. The power of this program is such that it IS helpful in enriching your skills so much that you’ll start earning $200 – $300 per day.


Product Features

Created by – Paul Nicholls, Anthony Mancuso

Main Course – 8 Modules each with step by step videos … show you every detail.

Main Course Price – $7.95 (Early bird discounted price); rise upto $13.

Upgrades / OTOs (One-Time-Offers)

Upgrade 1 – Done For You Package ($27) – Real blessing for newbies for fast results.

Upgrade 2 – Hidden Traffic Methods ($37) – A must have for ever internet marketer to 3X profits.

Upgrade 3 –  License Rights / Reseller Rights ($97) – Sell Compoundly as your own product.


Creators of Compoundly


My Candid Review

I’m impressed by what I observe in the Members Area of Compoundly.

No doubt, Compoundly is a powerful and legitimate money making program. If you follow the program seriously and with commitment, you can earn $100 per day within a week or two.

smiley I likeWhat I Like …

Telling you a secret here … I personally like all products of Paul Nicholls because he is habitual to give insane value for pennies. Here again, Compoundly is THE course which is MUST for every person who wants to make money online.

  • The program is step by step, very easy to follow.
  • It's designed keeping in mind beginners and newbies … so they can get results fast too
  • Compoundly is based on videos … that are much easier to follow than lengthy documents.

I don’t know about you … but I pissed off when a course consists of PDFs. It’s really hard for me to go through lengthy documents. So I’m happy to see that all training consists of videos. These over-the-shoulder videos are Super Easy to understand and follow.

  • And the part I love most in this program is ‘Traffic’. To get traffic to your blog or squeeze page is just pain in … (you know it : ) But here, in Compoundly, it’s just … Wow! Paul explained so much tweaks and tips of 10 methods of traffic that only this part worth the value.


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  • Next, the videos are not theory based, nor fluffy. Just to-the-point and high quality practical info.
  • The program is powerful and has the ability to earn you thousand dollar in the first month.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee – so that you have full confidence that your money is saved.


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smiley I don't likeWhat I Don’t Like …

Frankly, it’s hard to spot any flaw in Compoundly.

However, there are two points I don't like. These actually do not relate to actual product but they are related to Sales Page of Compoundly.

  1. In Sales Page, Paul and Anthony create some hype i.e. “Be up, running & in profit in 24 hours or less” and “Bank Big In 30 Minutes Per Day”.
  2. In a couple of videos, Paul explained all details on whiteboard … while it may be hard for someone to follow it properly.

So how to cope with these two challenges:

  1. As for the first point, you must keep it in mind that if you are a beginner, it may take you some time (1 to 2 weeks or more – depending upon your time and skill level) to start earning online. The claims in Sales Page (i.e. results in 24 hours; 30 min. per day) are possible if you've some experience in internet marketing.
  2. For second point (… and Paul or Anthony should explain this somewhere in their course), that if you are a beginner and don't know how to get domain name and hosting plan, and how to install WordPress, then these details are not there in the main course. However, you can find them in the Bonus Section (in Anthony's course Monstr Money).

Other than these minor points, I found ‘Compoundly’ perfect for newbies and beginners and has the potential to help you earning $100+ per day.


Lets’ Visit Members’ Area


Let’s take a detailed look at ‘Compoundly'. Once in the members’ area, you have 8 training modules.

After Welcome and Introduction videos;

Module 1: Sales Machine (32 min).

How to make your blog as main hub for all your tasks.

Module 2: Marketing Tools (13 min).

Get all required tools like domain name, hosting, video tool, autoresponder so that you first all set to start making money online.

Module 3: Connecting The Dots (21 min).

Here Paul shows how to integrate blog with social media.

Module 4: Proven Process (31 min).

It consists of a great piece of advice that you should send traffic first to your blog then to Sales Page. Never make that mistake which a lots of beginners make that they send all their traffic directly to sales page.

Module 5: Structure (33 min)

In this module, Paul explained how to structure posts and pages on your blog to get ranking in Google.

Module 6: Selecting Offers (20 min)

This video showed the criteria to select hot selling products from W+, JV Zoo and Munch Eye.

Module 7: Traffic Secrets (47 min)

Really a gem … and The Best of All. Only this video has so much value that it


Final Result …

The course is absolutely brilliant. It is of so much value at such an insanely low price that everyone interested in making money online should give it a try.

Starting from zero to all up to $100+ per day, everything is covered in detail and in-depth. No important aspect is left or missed out.

For just under $10 (current price may increase now!), this is an absolute must-have.


   My Rating:  4.9 / 5


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Interested in Bonuses?

I've started a movement in internet marketing “SAY NO TO BONUSES”BONUSES

Shocked to hear that?

Yes, I know. It seems quite illogical and opposite to current trend.

You might scream, “What the heck; why not grab bonuses when a marketer offers it for FREE?”

Here's why? 3 reasons for this. (Be attentive as I am telling you ‘Inside-Secret' that no one is sharing!)

Reason 1:

Majority of internet marketers use these bonuses as bait to earn more commissions. They offer 10 – 15 bonuses as they know the more they offer, the more people will buy and it means high earnings.

Reason 2:

Do you ever think how internet marketers arrange this huge number of bonuses? Do they create 10 – 15 bonuses themselves?

Actually, they get junk PLRs (Private Label Rights) for pennies and use them as bonuses. (*PLRs are ebooks, pdfs or courses available for a nominal price  and it allows you to give away these books or courses as bonuses.)

These PLRs are of no value and so you get no benefit from these bonuses, only waste your time and energies.

Reason 3:

These 10 – 15 bonuses are very toxic for you as they distract your attention from the main course. Instead of concentrating on the main product you bought, you are just overwhelmed by the number of bonuses. Result? Neither you implement learning of the main course nor you have time to get value from these bonuses. So you stuck at a point for months or years.

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My Strategy

I like to keep things simple and practical. Instead of saying ‘bonus’ I call them Gifts. As a gratitude that you bought a product from my blog (and through my affiliate link), I present you these gifts.

I never use some crappy PDFs or PLRs but my gifts are of very high-value. That’s why I offer these only in a limited number (usually 2 or 3).

You can go through them easily in one to two hours of your spare time, take action and get absolutely high value.

Gift 1

The Trinity Bonus 1

Gift 2

The Trinity Bonus 1

Gift 3

The Trinity Bonus 3

How to Claim These Gifts:

After buying ‘Compoundly' through my link, just email me with receipt and I'll send you the link to these gifts as my gratitude.

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