How to Perform the Ultimate Local Seo Audit

Ranking in Google's local results can be a difficult task. There are a lot of best practices to follow. If you're not doing the best in every area then your competition has a better chance of beating you in the rankings. That is why I developed The Ultimate Local SEO Audit. This book is your blueprint of every line item you need to review and fix on your website, your local listing, and even off page ranking factors. This book was written with a simple easy to use format which will show you what problems you're addressing, the desired outcome, and how to do it. It's written in a step by step guide that also corresponds to a Google Doc spreadsheet which will allow you to easily hit the ground running with an audit. Instead of focusing on the pie in the sky this is a practical book and covers specifically the areas you have control over. See What People Are Saying About The Book”Amazingly awesome, ultimately complete. Wow Casey, great work! I'm sure this will be used over and over again by many.” – Linda Buquet, Owner of Local Search Forum “Wow. Comprehensive resource. Great for business owners that do their own seo. Thanks for all of the hard work put in.” – Evan Guthrie The 8 Phases We Cover in this BookPhase 1 Google My Business Page Optimization Phase 2: Website and landing page optimizationPhase 3: Citations auditPhase 4: Organic penalty analysis and link auditPhase 5: Reviews Analysis Phase 6: Social Audit Phase 7: Competition Analysis Phase 8: Developing an on-going strategy Which Results Will This Help You WithThis book is specifically geared towards Google local results (Previously known as Google Places, Google Plus Local, etc.). This book is based off Casey Meraz's guide tilted the same.

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