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My NewsProfixPro Review is different from others!

I don't want to write a long introduction like others … many reviewers first try to make you curious by asking questions, and then they start praising the product when they have not even reviewed the product!

I like to write candidly! So here is my opinion about NewsProfixPro – straightforward and honest. I try to give you all information about NewsProfixPro in a friendly manner – so you can make a knowledgable decision whether to go for it or not.


Product NameNewsProfixPro
Product TypeSoftware
CreatorMosh Bari
Launch Date and Time17 June 2019 (9:00 EDT)
Official Website
Price$27 (Special Discount $24.35 Ends Today)
BonusesYes, My Awesome Bonuses Are Available
GuaranteeYes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support24/7; Very Helpful
My FindingsHighly Recommended


This is a unique software for those who are desperate to make money online .. and don't want to work hard for years and waiting for commissions, rather they want to see the cash rolling in by tomorrow!

There are three major challenges every affiliate marketer face while earning online.

  • It's difficult to write blog posts daily.
  • Making money from your site is a daunting task.
  • Getting visitors (traffic) to your site is the hardest of all.

Believe me, people spend 4 / 5 years of their lives, digging this out and learning all these tasks. Let's see how NewsProfixPro tackles these issues.

Challenge 1: How Content is Published on Your Site Automatically?

This software borrows content (called curation and is legal when reference is mentioned) from mega news sites like CNN, BBC, Fox News and pastes it in your site (with references). So your content is ready within minutes .. while you have not written a single a word! Plus it daily updates your site with fresh news – all on autopilot.

Challenge 2: Then How Do You Make Money Online with NewsProfixPro?

You are asked to get affiliate IDs from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Products from these sites are automatically advertised in your news site with your affiliate ID. So whenever a visitor clicked on an ad and purchased an item, you'll earn commissions .. without any work!

Challenge 3: What About Traffic? How Visitors Would Come to Your Site?

You are required to create your account on 32 social media channels. Once you have done that, then daily with a click of mouse, you post your news on these 32 social media channels. You'll get enough visitors and traffic – and never have to be worried about traffic again.  


Watch this demo video that how NewsProfixPro builds complete News Site in 40 seconds..   


Click Here to Check out NewsProfixPro


  • You can create multiple sites (as many as you can) with this software.
  • If one site earns you $300, then imagine your earnings with 10 such sites! It would be $3000/month!
  • The main attraction is that you don't have to do any hard work. The software takes care of everything. And after some initial set up, you just lay on your couch, enjoying your commissions!
  • No hosting, No SEO, No domains, No list building, No emails, No article writing – Literally everything is included in this software. You don't need any other tool after this. It's really All In One system!
  • Step by Step video guides are available in the members area – to help you not to stuck anywhere!
  • Very easy to follow + Very fast results


I know that the majority of the people just want to make money online – fast and without hard work, so for them, NewsProfixPro is a blessing from the sky.

But if you are among those who want to adopt blogging or affiliate marketing as a carrier, then you should better start learning these skills. You can't afford to depend on one software.

See, with NewsProfixPro you can definitely earn fast income, but if the software stops working or if, after some years, the vendor decides to withdraw this software, then what do you have in your hands? All your income vanishes then.

So I suggest a better solution for those who are serious in learning internet marketing.

I know from my 5 years experience, that internet marketing is a very expensive profession … and you initially need at least $2000 for many tools and services.

For instance, when you start internet marketing, Keyword Tool is very essential .. and membership of sites offering keywords tool (like ahref) is $99/month. This is the cost of just one tool! Imagine your costs when you have to use 10 or 20 of such tools!

So I have a better idea for serious internet marketers.

Why not get NewsProfixPro to earn cash fast and then use this money to support your internet marketing journey! This would solve your cash problems and you can work with no pressure.

Click Here to Check out NewsProfixPro


Main Software Price

NewsProfixPro Software is available for just $27! This is One Time Payment (This discounted price is available for this week only!). Main software allows you to build up to 10 sites.

Optional Upsells …

After you buy the main software, you may want to add other high-quality features of NewsProfixPro by purchasing these upgrade versionsThese are optional but if you buy them, these upsells not only give fast results but also scale up your profits.

(*If you are beginner, it's important to know that to every upsell, there is a downsell. What it means is that if you refuse to buy an upsell of, say, $67, then the vendor again offers it to you for less price, for $47. Its a win-win for both; vendor get more sales .. and the buyer enjoys a discount.)

I am showing you these downsell prices so that you can save money and earn more!

Have a look at the upsells .. and then decide which one or two (or all) upgrades you should go for!

Upgrade 1: NPP Unlimited Profits Edition – $67 (*Downsell to $47)

Create unlimited automated and self-updating sites that make you money daily. Now you are not limited to 10 sites!

Upgrade 2: NPP 100X Advanced Edition – $97 (*Downsell to $77)

Simple but secret tweaks that can boost profits by 50x to 100x. With this upgrade, you are tapping into the (hidden) hottest niches that you can profit from instantly…

Upgrade 3: NPP DFY Money Sites – $297 (*No Downsell)

This upgrade is pure gold! The creators are handing over you literally The ATM Machine. You'll get 20 LIVE NewsProfixPro Money sites – all ready to earn commissions hands-free.

Upgrade 4: NPP Super Traffic Machine – $77 (*Downsell to $57)

You can create your own affiliate store with just a click of the button. A fully automated affiliate site that drives 100% free viral traffic and links it to your main NewsProfixPro site.

Upgrade 5: NPP License Rights – $197 (*Downsell to $147)

When you have license rights, you can sell NewsProfixPro as your own product and keep 100% of the profits.


I tried hard to analyze this software thoroughly and present before you all positive and negative aspects of NewsProfixPro .. so that you can make the right decision based on facts.

I assure you that finding another product with these features and this price is almost impossible. If you want to make money online fast, you must not miss this one-of-a-kind product. With NewsProfixPro you have the solution of all your financial problems.

So, I Highly Recommend this software and found it greatly helpful for beginners and newbies who want to start making money online instantly.


5 stars

My Rating for NewsProfixPro  5 / 5

Click Here to Check out NewsProfixPro


Many affiliate marketers offer bonuses to increase their sales. It's good for both parties i.e. affiliates get sales and earn commissions while the buyer gets additional value.

But then there are some marketers who got blind by money. So, they misuse these bonuses and use them as ‘bait'. They offer as much as 15 or 20 bonuses to trap their visitors, so they buy thru them, and they earn more and more commissions.

I hate such attitude of affiliates and warn you too! 

Why? These 15 or 20 bonuses are mostly junk products or useless PLR documents which offer zero value. Affiliate marketers only use them to get sales from you.

Plus, these 15 or 20 bonuses detract you! Instead of focusing your attention to the main product you buy, you get distracted by these bonuses… and they eat up your time and energies.

So please don't get this ‘bait' and beware from persons offering 10 or 15 bonuses!

Here's What I Prefer, Instead?

I just offer 3 High-Quality Bonuses .. and that too, with a caution that study these bonuses in free time .. and focus your attention to the main product you just buy.



If you get NewsProfixPro, as a gratitude, I offer you these 3 amazing bonuses.


  Bonus 1 Image     21 Best Ways to Earn Cash From Home  

Bonus 2 Image     Traffic Hack Bonus


  Bonus 3 Image     Click Bank Bonus  

Click Here to Check out NewsProfixPro


How to Access These Bonuses?

All you have to do is to click the Orange Button below (or anywhere on this page), get your copy of NewsProfixPro and all the bonuses will be automatically delivered to you in the Warrior+ membership area.

These bonuses are shown right under the ‘Product Access' button. In case, if you have any problems, feel free to contact me.


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