Optimizing and Marketing Your Website

A simple, step-by-step tutorial, covering the most important aspects of turning a profit from your website: starting with the different ways to monetize it, SEO, paid ads, implementing and interpreting Google Analytics and Webmaster to newsletters and earning the loyalty of your users. Includes the top tips to help you stay ahead of the trend. This guide provides value to both beginners and experienced users alike and it's written and compartmentalized in a way that will allow you to understand and follow every step. Start increasing your revenue today! The topics talked about in this guide: Choosing the revenue system Sell products or services Sell ad space Donations Monetization Conclusions More ways to monetize your site CpM Advertising Affiliate Marketing Sponsored Reviews Premium Content Paid Polls and Surveys In-text and Image Advertising Pop-ups and Pop-unders Audio Ads SEO (Search Engine Optimization) On page SEO Page title tags Description meta tags URL structure Navigation structure Sitemaps Custom 404 Page Content robots.txt Images and the “alt” attribute Heading tags Keywords Page loading times Off page SEO Anchor text Top SEO trends for 2016 Google AdSense How does it work? How much will you earn? Is your site eligible to use AdSense? So how do you actually use AdSense? Top 10 tips provided by Google AdSense Other tips for increasing your revenue with AdSense Size/Location You can blend the ads with your site design Some of the AdSense sizes which work best AdSense section targeting: Make ads relevant Image or Text Ads Ads between posts Placement targeting AdSense Category blocking AdSense for YouTube Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools Google Webmaster Tools Google Analytics What are the highlights and what should you first pay attention to? Marketing Social media and your site Facebook YouTube Newsletters Google AdWords What is Google AdWords? How can you use it to advertise your site? General marketing tips

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