Profit 365 Review – Claims Too Much; Offers Too Little


My Profit 365 review answers all your doubts in mind and shows you whether this product is legit or scam. I do a review in reverse order. After a brief introduction, I just give my verdict about the product.

It's because if you are in a hurry (and who doesn’t here!) and just want to know whether the product is legit or not, so you don't have to keep on scrolling! So this order is more reader-friendly. (Even I mentioned this in feature image!)

After that, I present a detailed review for the visitors who are interested to get information.


What is Profit 365 All About?

Profit 365 focuses on earn online using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is decades old system and affiliate marketers are currently earning thousands of dollars. This is a legit model of online earning where you simply sell products of others online and earn commission on every sale.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?


So what’s special here in Profit 365? The approach James Chris uses in his product is that he gets traffic to offers using PPC (Pay Per Click) and Solo Ads. Instead of free traffic, he focuses on paid traffic to promote ClickBank products and earn commissions as an affiliate.


Profit 365 – Not Recommended

Here's Why?

  • The product has a new name but there's no new approach. It is based on affiliate marketing.
  • Contrary to what James Lewis (creator of product) claimed, his product is NOT newbie friendly.
  • Much hyped sales pitch – to motivate you to buy now!
  • James painted the picture to let one believes that earning online is not only easy and fast but also on autopilot. After having 6 years in Internet Marketing, I know that nothing of this is true.
  • In the sales page of Profit 365, he had shown way too many income proofs. But nowhere mentioned that all these earnings and commissions are earned only by using Profit 365.
  • Inside training, James recommends some Clickbank products to promote … but these products are of low-quality.
  • In profit 365, James just combined his two previous products: Profit Injector and Wealthy Agency. Even the promotional pages are identical.
  • Inside the members area, James Lewis used paid traffic for getting sales. Using paid traffic (especially Solo Ads) is a very risky and expensive step even for internet marketers with some experience. So this is definitely not for newbies.
  • Profit 365 has no training on how to build website building or how to create content which are the foundation of every online business.


Profit 365 Features

Created by:  Jamie Lewis

Launched in: February 2019

Main Course: Training videos on affiliate marketing

Main Course Price: $37 (One Time Payment)

Upgrades / OTOs (One-Time-Offers)

Upsell 1: High Converting Adwords Campaigns ($94)

Upsell 2: Weekly Reinforcement Classes ($174)

Upsell 3: Done for You Websites ($194)

Overall Rating: 2/5


Some Benefits of Profit 365

This product is not outright a scam. It has some pros.

The product can give you some insight into the field of internet marketing and you can learn affiliate marketing … though not as easily as claimed!

James Lewis has 14 years experience in internet marketing so he knows how things work and his product Profit 365 has some quality features … but the main problem I see is it can't generate you as much money and as fast as he falsely claimed.

The product comes with ClickBank 60 days ‘Money Back Guarantee'. So it can't be termed as a scam as a customer has enough time to test it and if not satisfied, he can get a refund.

Profit 365 costs only $37 so it's a low investment product.

Final Verdict

Although it isn't a scam and has some positive aspects, I cannot recommend it to for the reasons I mentioned in earlier in this post.

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