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It’s Good to Know About Product Creators

Profit7 is created by Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr. Trevor had been working as internet marketer since the late 90’s, well over 15 years.  He is the founder of ‘The Laptop Millionaire’, and also on top 5% vendors WarriorPlus. Paul Nicholls is a professional exploring IM niche since 2008.

Just by looking at profiles of these two, I can safely conclude that the product ‘Profit7’ is a real and legitimate product and surely give results.


Why is the Name Profit7 Given?

The product is named Profit7 as it is a collection of seven different FAST cash methods. There are ‘over the shoulder’ training videos which you can easily learn and apply to earn up to EASY $50 daily.

The 7 methods of FAST earning are:

  1. The Underground Method
  2. Under the Radar Method
  3. The Snowball Method
  4. The Affiliate Sniper Method
  5. The Out of the Box Method
  6. The Teaser Method
  7. The Domination Method


Profit7: A Sneak Peek Inside Members Area

Watch the following video, created by Paul Nicholls, the product creator, himself. In this video, he explained what you’ll found in the Members Area.


  • Not 1 or 2, but 7 different earning methods
  • It’s almost impossible to fail to earn online with this product.
  • FAST — start earning this week.
  • Very economical front end price, only $8
  • Totally newbie friendly
  • No experience required
  • Step by step training videos.
  • Easy to understand
  • Product by true Professionals
  • No technical skills required


  • Focuses on niche websites
  • Not very high earning potential; only up to $20 to $50.
  • Good only for those who never earned or make very little money online.
  • Price Hike; price increases after every 12 hours
  • 7 methods may cause confusions for newbies, making it hard for them to focus.


Price and OTOs

Front End Price: $ 7.95 (7 videos — step by step, describing detail of each strategy)

OTO means One Time Offer … means if you skip it, you’ll never get the offer back.

OTO 1: $17 (Advanced training — FAST cash strategies — Scale up earnings $100 – 500 per day)

OTO 2: $27 (A mega course to crush the leaderboards and earn like gurus.)

OTO 3: $67 (A training webinar which originally cost $497; Be an affiliate expert.)


Final Result …

                                                                      My Rating:  4.9 / 5


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