Review of IM Checklist V13

IM Checklist v13 Review



Whenever a program IM Checklist V13 Make Money Online Crisis Management is launched, I always get confused. The reason is the course itself is legitimate and of good quality, but it’s hard to follow and implement for those who are at beginner or even intermediate level. So whether to recommend it or not is not that easy.

The quality of the course material demands my recommendation … but on the other side, honesty to my readers require to tell them the fact that it’s hard to use the course content and get any benefit from it.

In such case, I neither recommend the program nor reject it; rather I use 50 / 50 rating. It means that the program itself is 100% legitimate but as per my opinion, it may be difficult for beginners to follow.

50 / 50 rating also means that if anyone wants to give it a try and think that he/she is committed enough to go through this course, he/she is welcome. Here is the link of the program:

>> Click Here to Visit Official Page of IM Checklist V.13 <<

Product Features

Created by – Kevin Fahey

Main Course – 18 checklists and video training

  • 1. Make Money Online With Blogging 
  • 2. Make Money Online Selling Ebooks
  • 3. Make Money Online Creating Videos
  • 4. Make Money Online Selling Photos 
  • 5. Make Money Online With JustAsk
  • 6. Make Money Online Freelancing
  • 7. Make Money Online With Etsy
  • 8. Make Money Online With Craigslist
  • 9. Make Money Online With Surveys 
  • 10. Make Money Online With Voice Overs
  • 11. Make Money Online With Toluna
  • 12. Make Money Online With Swagbucks
  • 13. Make Money Online With InboxPounds
  • 14. Make Money Online With Fiverr
  • 15. Make Money Online As An Affiliate
  • 16. Make Money Online Selling Your Old Items
  • 17. Make Money Online With User Testing 
  • 18. Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk

Main Course Price – $17 (Price rises every 4 hours)

IM Checklist V13

Upgrades / OTO (One Time Offers)

Upgrade 1 – 

IM Checklist Monthly Membership

Price: $17 per month

Advantage: It’s like guiding you at school; where Kevin teach you at which step you are. Really hard to fail in earning online when you grab this upgrade offer.

Upsell #2: 6 IM Funnels

Price: $19.95

Upsell #2a:  10 additional completely done for you funnels with squeeze pages, bonus pages, reports, email swipes, social media post and a massive amount of training.

Price: $37

Upsell #2b: DFY Funnels including recurring membership sites.

Price: $297

Upsell #3: VIP Training Membership

Since Kevin Fahey launched this training, it proved a massive winner. It allows yearly option alongside the monthly  option. IM VIP Training contains access to all information marketing training products and plugins. Plus it includes live monthly webinars.

Price Option A: $4.95 Trial Then $29.95 Per Month

Price Option B: $197 Per Year

IM Checklist is a ‘Best Seller Series’ of programs by Kevin Fahey. Before to this current Volume 13 Program, he launched following 12 volumes of this Checklist series:

  • Volume 1: 18 Product Creation Checklists
  • Volume 2: 18 Email Marketing Checklists
  • Volume 3: 30 Social Media Checklists
  • Volume 4: 19 Affiliate Marketing Checklists
  • Volume 5: 20 Video Marketing Checklists
  • Volume 6: 32 Canva Checklists
  • Volume 7: 18 Newbie Marketer Checklists
  • Volume 8: 21 Messenger Marketing Checklists
  • Volume 9: 18 Outsourcing Checklists
  • Volume 10: 18 Self Publishing Checklists
  • Volume 11: 18 Building A Business On WordPress Checklists
  • Volume 12: 18 Offline Business Startup Checklists

My Candid Review

What I Like …

The scope of IM Checklist is wide. It is not limited just to affiliate marketing or amazon-based niche sites … but it explains 18 methods of earning online.

All 18 methods are 100% legitimate ways of making money online.

Step by step which makes it easy to follow.

This is a very well-structured course — divided into modules, main sections, and sub-sections.

Low priced (only $17) and that too with 30 days money back guarantee.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – so that you have full confidence that your money is saved.

3 Secret Courses- Gurus Never Want To Be Revealed To You!

What I Don’t Like …

There are two major flaws in IM Checklist Volume 13:

  1. This is a pdf document and
  2. As the name suggests it consists of checklists.

A document is hard to follow and checklists made it more hard. The course would be ideal if it has video tutorials along with checklists which then would be easy even for beginners.

In my opinion, in present scenario it is beneficial only if you have some experience in internet marketing. It’s something not beneficial for newbies.

Final Result …

The course itself is absolutely brilliant … but I have some reservations regarding its implementation. It is hard to follow for beginners and even for intermediate level internet marketers.

So it’s 50 / 50 … it’s legitimate and powerful; but at the same time without any video tutorials, it’s something not for everyone.

                    My Rating:  4 / 5

>> Click Here to Visit Official Page of IM Checklist V13 <<

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