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The Flash Method is a flop show by Ronnie.

The course main focus is on how to earn money by making gigs on Fiverr, searching for buyers and how to serve them. This is quite an old method of making money which thousands of persons are already using to earn full-time or part-time income through the platform of Fiverr.

Ronnie repeated some basic procedures, how to build your profile on Fiverr and how to make and market gigs. He disclosed no new strategy and no unique formula to be successful on Fiverr. ‘The Flash Method' disappointed me a lot!


Product Features

Created by – Ronnie Rockk SmithThe Flash Method Ronnie

Main Course – You get 10 videos + 3 case studies

Course Contents – Earn money through Fiverr gigs

 Main course price – $9.25

Upgrade 1 – Done-For-You Gigs ($37) This saves you time and energy.

Upgrade 2 – Flash Method License Rights ($97)  You can sell it as your very own product and keep 100% of the commissions!

Upgrade 3 – Unlimited Traffic ($197) 

My Candid Review

When I log in The Flash Method, my first impression was that the course is designed by an amateur … with no sense how to build a course professionally. What else to say when you found this on your screen after logging in.

The Flash Method Course – The Flash Method1


Ignoring that, I moved on and there is Module 1.

Module 1: Training

In this module, there are 3 videos. Wow! I think … I was wrong and felt ashamed of my earlier impression. “Look”, I said to myself, “Here are 3 training videos … valuable stuff here.”

But Ronnie proved me wrong again. What I found in this module is:

Video 1: Introduction (13 seconds) Yes. This is a world record. I'm sure you can’t find this anywhere else. The whole course is introduced in the record time of 13 seconds.

Video 2: Welcome (31 seconds) Again, one of the attempts to create the world’s shortest video.

Video 3: Case Study of 3 People Making 6 Figures on Fiverr (5 min)

5 minutes for 3 case studies. Hmmm…..

5 minute time is not enough even for one case study … but you still don't know the skills and abilities of Ronnie. What he did here was that he just introduced 3 persons and presented some basic information about them (what are their area of interests and how much they earn on Fiverr).

Move on, there are more surprises.

Next Module

After Module 1, what would you expect?

Obviously, Module 2. But HE IS RONNIE .… he proved you wrong again. You forgot that there are 10 decimal points between 1 and 2.

So, there is Module 1.5: Advanced Training

The Flash Method Course – The Flash Method2

Since he had trained you well in Module 1, so there is a dire need for advanced training.

Another master shot he played is that you need OTO (One Time Offer – or – high paid version) for this module.

However, in this module, I found only these 2 videos having some value for newbies:

How to find buyers for free (from youtube) and

Building your email list from fiverr customers


Module 2: Tools

In this module, Ronnie disclosed tools required for his program.

Dropbox (Thanks to him …. No one knew about this earlier); some video making (paid) products and softwares to earn Ronnie affiliate commissions.


Module 3: Upgrades and Bonuses


Here he tried to sell his DFY upgrades again. (I've described details in the beginning of the review)

  1. DFY Gigs
  2. License Rights
  3. Unlimited Traffic


  1. Mail it (Cloud-based autoresponder with no monthly fees … 404 Error when I tried)
  2. Traffic to 5 Sites for 1 Year (When clicked, opened a squeeze page which diverted to another affiliate offer).

Generally, I give value to bonuses only if the main product is strong enough to consider.*

What I Like …

When you look at the Sales Page of “The Flash Method”, it claims a number of benefits. In my opinion, all these benefits are nothing but the deceptive marketing gimmick. Claims like …

  • Step by Step video training — I explained above how much these videos are step by step (even presented in decimals!) and they provide zero value.
  • No Previous Experience Needed – but you have to get FRESH experience of months and even years!
  • Passive Monthly Income — as a matter of fact, working on Fiverr is not to be included in ‘passive income' as you have to work continuously to serve your clients' order.
  • Set up a campaign in 15 minutes – this simply means that you can design your Fiverr gig in 15 minutes … but start earning from these gigs is the next level.

The only plus point in this program is that it comes with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. So you are in a safe position and can claim your money back in 30 days.


What I Don't Like …

The Flash Method provides so low value that there is hardly anything to appreciate here.

The content of the whole course is of below average quality.

Making gigs on Fiverr is a pretty simple task and you don't need a course to learn this.

In Summary:

I would NOT RECOMMEND this product. Why?

The Flash Method gives you little to no value. It fails to explain how to earn money on Fiverr. In my opinion, your money and time will be wasted if you buy this course. You can find much more information on Making Money Through Fiverr from free sources like Google, Quora, Udemy or Youtube.

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