TrafficZion Review – Can It Solve Your Traffic Problem?

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TrafficZion is launched … but what are it's powers and limitations?

You know, it's hard to succeed online until you understand what are the obstacles you'll face and how to overcome them. Do you know what is the number 1 hurdle in getting success online? The stats show it's the lack of visitors to your website. Just have a look at the following chart:

number 1 problem of internet marketing

Yes, getting traffic to your blog is the biggest roadblock for the majority of people out there. They had spent a good time and built their website, invested a lot of their energies and created unique content .. but after all these efforts, what they found out is that no one is visiting to appreciate their work.

It’s scary; It’s horrible; It’s desperate!

That’s where software like Traffic Zion come to rescue, not only for newbies but also this works behind the curtains of many experienced internet marketers.

Watch my video below to get an insight of Traffic Zion:

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TrafficZion is software for getting free traffic to your site on complete autopilot … using the reputable platform of WordPress.

Selecting WordPress for TrafficZion is really a very intelligent decision of product creators, Dpapa and Alek. WordPress powers 28% of the whole internet. The Walt Disney Company, Fortune, TechCrunch, USA Today, TED and many other multi-billion industries use WordPress.

How TrafficZion Works? You simply set tags or keywords and this software automatically likes content and authors according to those tags. This will, in turn, incentivize a reciprocal like or follow from other people and when someone clicks on your profile (gravatar), there will be a link to your website.

It’s as simple as that!


Demetris Papadopoulos (DPAPA) and Alek Krulik teamed up and created many powerful products mostly in the niche of internet marketing.

creator of TrafficZion-dapapa
Alek Kwik and Demetris (Dpapa)

They had a rich experience of over 10 years here in internet marketing and earned respect. They researched and invested heavily to solve the problems faced by most of the internet marketers.

They launched many training courses and softwares on JVZoo and broke 100k in selling online digital products and training. Here are some of their products:

Bing Bang Profits, Passion Fuze, Flip Flop Profits, Passion Tube Profits, GB Cracked, Pintra, Passion Blog Pro

Seeing the need for an automated system that can build a steady stream of traffic at the lowest cost, DPAPA and Alek have developed TrafficZion.


Price During Launch Period – $47 (Free Training Included)

Upgrade 1 Zion Tribe($37) Community-based traffic, between TrafficZion Tribe Members. Targeted traffic to any post you want for 30 days. This also helps in SEO.

Upgrade 2 Inner Circle – ($67) Group Coaching; 2 webinars per month for 1 year. Learn how to take this traffic to next level from the software creators themselves and get to ask any questions too.

Upgrade 3 DFY Traffic ($197/year) – Done For You Traffic for whole year


I am always skeptical, when I see such claims like ‘generate free traffic' so same is true when I hear about TrafficZion. But it turned out that it is true to its claims.

Easy One Click Installation

The TrafficZion is a light software and all it takes is just a click and a minute to install.

Zero Cost Traffic

Paid traffic is money-sucking in nature. You only get results after wasting thousands of dollars. While this TrafficZion is just plain simple traffic generator .. where you paid once and get automatic traffic forevere.

Using Platform of WordPress

Since 30% of sites are based on WordPress, so this is a powerful base for TrafficZion. There is no shortage of blogs, comments, forums and traffic when this software uses the customer base of WP.

Set-and-Forget System

The best part of using software is that you have done the work once and it functions on its own without any need of manual interaction. The only work you have to do is to select tags and keywords.

Newbie Friendly

Installing and using software requires no skills and this is something which even a newbie can do quite easily and get all the benefits.

Fast and Easy Income Source

With TrafficZion, when you have free traffic, the ways to monetize are unlimited. You can generate leads and convert them into sales. You can earn through Google Adsense or placing ads on your site.

Legitimate and Ethical

TrafficZion helps anyone with a wordpress website get free targeted traffic back to their blogs and websites easily and effortlessly while doing it ethically and following all procedures provided by the wordpress platform.

Таrgеtеԁ Traffic for Аnу Nіchеѕ

No matter which niche you are following, TrafficZion is there to solve your problem of traffic. So you don’t have to worry about the success of your project. You wіll bе asked tо choose the ԁеѕіrеԁ niches wһеn you сrеаtе уоur accounts, and the benefits wіll come tо you аutоmаtісаllу after tһаt.

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See the Difference – How Traffic Rises After Using Traffic Zion



  • Fully Automated Software
  • No extra cost and no extra efforts and time
  • Easy to install and use
  • No SEO headaches
  • Fast results
  • Apply to any niche
  • Not required special skills or experience
  • Save ALL 3 (Time, Money, Energy)
  • Easy and Fast way to earn online
  • Step by Step video training


  • Need to run software continuously


TrafficZion gives massive value and delivers what it promises. If anyone tries to create such a software for his traffic needs, it would really cost thousands of dollars. Dpapa and Alek really solved a big problem of the industry.

My Rating for TrafficZion: 5 / 5

5 Star Rating

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Sheww … It's really an exhaustive work to write such a comprehensive review! Thanks God, the last part is here … and it's the one I like most!

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