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I’ve studied ‘Zero to 10k’ and I’m impressed with the creative nature of program. must say this is a remarkable course.

Why I say it’s kind of creative product .. is because the creators of product (Dr. Sameer and Ankur Shukla) bundled up two power packs in this one program.

There is a software ‘Review Raptor’ which is WP plugin and it creates product reviews on autopilot and this comes with secrets of top 30 internet marketers how they earn thousands of dollars.

So you have best of both … you have a tool of Review Raptor software which generates reviews automatically and you have the guide map given to you by gurus. I think it’s hard to fail in making money online with this kind of product ‘Zero to 10K’.

Watch this video to get an insight of Zero to 10k:

>> Click Here to Earn $100 – $500 Per Day — With Zero to 10k <<

>> Click Here to Earn $100 – $500 Per Day — With Zero to 10k <<

Zero to 10k is a step-by-step course created by Dr. Sameer Joshi and Ankur Shukla. It’s a powerful program that enables anybody (even he is a beginner) to make money online anywhere between $100 – $500 per day.

Product Features

Created by – Dr. Sameer Joshi, Ankur Shukla

Main Course – 30 Gurus sharing their secrets + WP Plugin Revieew Raptor

Main Course Price – $17 (Price rises with every sale)

Upgrades / OTOs (One-Time-Offers)

OTO 1 – ZeroTo10K Full Monty – $37 (30+ Top Marketers’ Detailed Interviews)

OTO 2 – Leads Raptor – $47  (Powerful List-building Cloud Software)

OTO 3 – Commission Raptor – $47  (Powerful DFY Email-Marketing)

OTO 4 – Irresistible Bundle – $47 (10 Top Converting Products For One Price)

zero to 10k review creator
Dr. Sameer Joshi – Creator of Zero to 10k

My Advice: Which OTO is suitable for you — depends upon at which level of internet marketing you are now. Go for OTO 1, if you have some traffic problems. Check out OTO 2, if you have even small list of email subscribers. OTO 3 and 4 are good if you have no cash problems.

My Candid Review

I’m impressed by what I observed in the Members Area of this program. After welcome video by Dr. Sameer, 30 top internet marketers share their secrets of success. Then there are training videos how to install ‘Review Raptor' for automated review posts.

With ‘Zero to 10k' affiliate marketing just become plug and play kind of thing. This is really powerful and legitimate money making program. If you follow the program seriously and with commitment, you can earn $100 to $300 per day within a week.

What I Like …

  • Secrets of 30 top internet marketers, who are earning between $10k to $30k per month, makes it THE MUST for every person who want to make money online.
  • With these hidden secrets, when Ankur added a software (actually a WP plugin) Review Raptor which auto create reviews, this makes the product of insane value.
  • It’s not good for beginners and newbies … it’s compulsory for them to grab this product if they really want to make money online.
  • The traffic methods are free and literally, no budget is required for getting visitors to your site.
  • Zero to 10k is step by step video training course … that is much easier to follow and implement.
  • The program has so much earning potential that even a newbie can earn $100 – $500 per day. Imagine a life where your all financial worries are gone …
  • To ensure mental satisfaction and trust, the program has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee – so that you have full confidence that your money is saved.


>> Click Here to Get Zero to 10K <<


What I Don’t Like …

I have to admit ‘Zero to 10k’ is a kind of program where I can’t find any flaw or loophole.

Only one point is that when you use automation of this level, you can earn money fast, but you may remain unaware of how blogging system really works. This may harm you in the long term.

So to cover this aspect, you can enjoy my gifts and learn ins and outs of blogging. This will really helpful for you for all of your future projects – not only that you are limited to this one course whole life.

Final Result …

The course is, without any doubt, the best one. It offers so much value at such an insanely low price that you must get it as soon as possible.

Specially the package of software with insider tips of gurus makes it hot favorite instantly in internet marketing circuit. Every aspect is covered in detail and in-depth videos.

For just $17 (current price may increase now!), this is an absolute must-have.

   My Rating:  5 / 5

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Interested in Bonuses?

I’ve started a movement “SAY NO TO BONUSES”


You might scream, “What the heck; why not grab bonuses when a marketer offers it for FREE?”

Here’s why? (Be attentive as I am telling you ‘Insider-Secret’)

Reason 1:

Majority of internet marketers use these bonuses as bait to earn more commissions. They offer 10 – 15 bonuses as they know the more they offer, the more people will buy and higher their commissions will be.

Reason 2:

Do you ever think internet marketers create these 10/15 bonuses themselves to offer you with product?

No … They get junk PLRs (Private Label Rights) available all over internet for pennies and use them as bonuses.

These PLRs are of no value and so you get no benefit from these bonuses, only waste your time and energies.

Reason 3:

These 10 – 15 bonuses are very harmful for you as they distract your attention from the main course (which you actually buy). Results? Neither you implement learning of the main course nor you have time to get value from these bonuses. So you stuck at a point for months or years.

So Here is My Strategy …

I like to keep things simple and practical. Instead of saying ‘bonus’ I call them ‘Gifts‘. As gratitude, that you bought a product from my blog (and through my affiliate link), I present you these gifts.

I never use some crappy PDFs or PLRs but my gifts are of very high-value. That’s why I can offer these only in a limited number (usually 2 or 3).

You can go through them easily in one to two hours of your spare time, take action and get absolutely high value.

Gift 1

How to get these gifts? After buying this program thru my affiliate link (click here), you'll find these gifts within the JVZoo Receipt. (*JVZoo is the platform where ‘Zero to 10k' is launched.)

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